So damn annoying!

ginga4lyfe, Jul 27, 8:53am
So A guy texts me yesterday " hey yeah id like to come have a look at your car tomorrow, is this possible ! " which to my reply was "yep sure ill be home most of the day " then he bables on in text asking all sorts of questions, to which i promptly answer, so today he texts me asking me more questions then asks " can you take it for a wof so that i know its ok to drive around!" which is fair enough i guess as he still hadnt seen the car, and says that he now is sure that he wants to buy it based solely on what he has seen in the advert and what iv confirmed on text, So I decide that yeah ill take it through a wof, I do so after dropping the oil and filter, and replacing with new oil and filter ( the smoke issue has nearly gone away completely now ) , I take it to VTNZ it passes with flying colors and only a comment to watch for some surface rust, I text the buyer and he says he is happy with that, and that he will text me when he is ready to come over and pick up the car and pass along the money, yeah no worries, i though well hey if he is busy thats no problem iv got nothing to do, then at about 7 o clock i start wandering when this guy wants to actually pick the car up, so i text him and ask him what time he would like to be here, to which he responds " sorry i had to spend the money on something that came up unexpected, Ill have to text you about it next week " I kinda get the feeling that this bloke is giving me the run around, he is quite vague as well and still hasnt seen the car in person and has already told me that he definitely wants it, and then postpones the purchase with a pretty generic excuse, Now im not saying that it isnt a fair excuse or that he is most definitely lieing, but it does give me the feeling of doubt, what do you guys think! Also should i charge him for the WOF that i had to re do! the old wof would have only run out on September so the wof wasnt exactly done too long ago either

gammelvind, Jul 27, 8:59am
Buga, welcome to the joys of selling cars. Sure sucks though.

haze1979, Jul 27, 9:02am
If he was serious he probably would have called, as for the WOF you could try.but next time tell whoever as soon as you see some cash you will do the WOF.

mdc1, Jul 27, 9:14am
^^ what he said

"New WOF upon sale" or "Sale conditional on new VTNZ WOF"

franc123, Jul 27, 9:26am
Remember for next time ginga that the quickest way to flush time wasters, even keen ones or people who are all talk and no cash is to ask for a cash deposit up front, say about 10% of the asking price, anyone who is genuine and really wants it will agree to do this.Also stipulate a timeframe that you will "hold" the car for until they have either inspected it in person or else arranged for a third party to do it for them.

johnf_456, Jul 27, 9:33am
As above, but as they when you have people you have problems.

ginga4lyfe, Jul 27, 9:40am
i was thinking about asking for a deposit right at the beginning but just couldnt bring myself to do so, otherwise yeah, i should do next time

ahh its such a P.I.T.A too, i was in the middle of doing some work on the drivers seat when he text at first, Im just lucky i had an hour left to find a drivers seat as a replacement before pick a part closed for the day, im also lucky they actually had a Tc2500

franc123, Jul 27, 10:14am
Yes isn't it just, I really hate selling cars.Some people make it real easy, others are a pain right from the beginning and want you to jump through all sorts of hoops, beat you down on price and expect after sales service too!

johnf_456, Jul 27, 10:17am
He may come back next week who knows what may happen, but you can never please some.

mopar63, Jul 27, 6:55pm
I usually find serious buyers just ring you,if they can only afford to txt then they can't afford to buy

elect70, Jul 27, 11:17pm
Joys of selling cars, if 6 people say they are coming to look expect 1 to actually arrive . ! dipstick turned up next dayon a car i was selling& i had sold ithe rants on about wasting his timewhy didnt I contact him bla bla blaUsually on cheap cars, when selling a classic get different people who arent tyre kickers /time wasters . I sold my BMW to guy came all the way from Dargaville to Levin,paid cash & drove it homesame day .

doublek, Jul 27, 11:27pm
When I was selling my car, EVERY texter was a time waster. Offers, questions that spawn new questions etc. I just did a standard reply of "If you are interested in the car, you will call or arrange to see it". Most didn't pursue. Did I kill off some potential buyers! Probably. I know that texting is "the new means of communication" for the Yoof of today, but I've never found it to generate any meaningful interest for bigger ticket items like cars. I had a 3.5 petrol Pajero and got a text asking "what's it like on gas". Replied "ratsh!t" - they were never going to proceed and anyone who is concerned with mpg shouldn't be looking at a lumping great petrol 4WD.

ginga4lyfe, Aug 6, 2:42am
well it looks to be the truth, its been a week now and i still havnt heard back from him, -_- friggen tyre kickers

pieman33h, Sep 14, 1:52am
i sold a race car once, the guy had talked to everyone in the world about it and came to rotorua from palmy complete with trailer - then offered a low price! Said sorry mate, too low, cos to my mind - if ya drive that far with a trailer, you aint goin home with nothing! so got my price.
Moral of the story, be prepared to walk away from the deal, theres always another customer