Is it just me ?

bevharris1938, Aug 6, 10:27pm
I see the same cars pop up week after week for sale , is it that they are overpriced or there is no money around ! Some have been on TM for 6 months or more.

bevharris1938, Aug 6, 10:37pm
Yes but if priced right can take 1 week

kazbanz, Aug 6, 11:41pm
BEV--BOY OHH BOY do I have an offer for you.
Come here right now and take a job as car buyer for my company.
Lets see ifin three months time you still feel that way.
(Just in case the TM nazi's think I'm seriousI'm KIDDING)

Sorry but its actually pretty funny from my pov.I really really wish it was that simple

It ISN'T all about pricing I'm sorry. Theres a bunch of reasons why cars don't sell. Sometimes its just presentation. Sometimes its pricing,sometimes its how the car is described. Sometimes its the make and model that the most prevelant scuttlebutt has been spun about.
Sometimes its the price of fuel. sometimes its simply a case of the country/area has reached saturation point for that make/model.
It could be that the target market needs finance to buy and its a private seller
Right now for example theunder $5000 small car market is booming -WHY! because its been cold n wet and thosebussing/train ride/riding bikes are over it and need a cheap car to get to work

nickolaz, Aug 6, 11:59pm
Well said Kaz

michael.benn, Aug 7, 12:12am
Absolutely agree, well said.

gunhand, Aug 7, 1:02am
And if you happen to drive past a car yard and a car takes your eye you stop and check it out as rule. (I do anyway) Then you look most days to see ifits still there while passing and after a month you think HMMMM thats odd, good looking car good price, id buy it if i could. Two months go by and apart from being moved in the yard its still there. Three months and and the price may drop but still "the little car waits"And after a while you think, geez must be a dud that one and you move your attention to something else you can not afford.Then sometime when driving around another town you find the same car fo sale in another yard and go "oh is that where it went lol"Ive seen this a few times, Car yards must hate these type of cars prerfectly good but just wont sell.

kazbanz, Aug 7, 3:52am
yea but by the same account thefuggliestpiece ofcrud that the guy bought just to get his quota up when buyingbarely makes it off the transporter truck and its sold. -its a funny ol world innit

kcf, Aug 7, 3:56am
There are a bunch of unrealistically priced cars for sale here all the time, and some of them stay up for years at a price the market won't pay.

franc123, Aug 7, 6:47am
Yes it certainly does happen, and often as you say not because there is anything wrong with the vehicle itself, used cars on yards do go "stale" and for several different reasons too.Even common fast moving (as in sales) vehicles like Corollas, Primeras, Caldinas etc can sit around if they are not a popular colour or if they are an odd spec, even a fugly style of alloy wheel can make a difference.I think that people that could be tempted do start to wonder about old stock.Yet other cars that you would consider to be a POS can be sold before they are even traded, for example I remember at one dealership I was at who coincidentally traded in two Isuzu Wizards in the same week had them presold even before they were groomed.

mopar63, Sep 17, 11:49pm
I only sell old valiants etc usually but price to meet the market from the start,,, sold four valiants in last 4 years and each lasted on TM for 1-2 weeks, don't go for top dollar first , just price it to actually sell it