Do trams have to

afer_daily, Aug 7, 2:34am
have some sort of registration !cof!we have this toy track up here in auckland / westhaven .and they dont seem to have any sort of reg / cof .i know they are restricted as to where can go but so are trolley buses . and they have to have reg / cof . any ideas.

kazbanz, Aug 7, 3:58am
Westhaven-tram!What tram are you talking about!

trogedon, Aug 7, 4:00am
Westhaven or Tank Farm!

msigg, Aug 7, 4:39am
Yes they do. they must be able to stop. contact MOT for your answers. Ministry of transport, if there is such a thing nowdays.

clark20, 2 days, 20 hours
Its a shame for Auckland to have trams again, for the only reason my granddads claim to fame was driving the last tram in Auckland. Not counting "ride" ones like at Motat.