Naming the side a part is on

lugee, Aug 6, 2:42am
I can never bloody remember what the rules are for this. If for example, you needed to tell someone what side, say a bad CV joint was, is it from inside the vehicle or when looking front-back at it!

ginga4lyfe, Aug 6, 2:43am
from drivers seat position as if you were sitting in the drivers seat, it makes logical sence that ways

bigfatmat1, Aug 6, 2:43am
lol its as if you were sitting in the drivers seat.

ginga4lyfe, Aug 6, 2:44am
or you could be ultra carefull and say "front passengers side Cv" or so on.

drew2009, Aug 6, 2:51am
Yeah i always say drivers or passenger side to be safe (unless of course your watching youtube videos from America then it gets confusing).
But yeah left or right is always from when you are sitting in the drivers seat, which makes it confusing when you are standing in front of the car working on it but thats just the way it is.
Hows the CRX op! hope its running nice with new oil.

happylad3, Aug 6, 5:05am
Or you could go waay back to the horse times, and say the nearside or far side. Near side is always the left hand, ie passanger in nz.

rob_man, Aug 6, 5:38am
Just remember right hand drive means what we have here so the drivers side is right hand.
'Sense' ginga.

lugee, Aug 6, 5:47am
Pretty good now. Had to replace the drain plug and washer because the tossers that changed the oil before I owned it installed it without a washer and used a 750 lbf ft impact wrench on it to try and compensate. So it rounded off when I was undoing it. Ended up having to use a pair of stiltons and a cheater bar before it broke loose!

drew2009, Aug 6, 8:27am
OooOoo ouch! Thats bloody rough of them.
I refuse to use rattle guns, torque wrench and a little patience works fine lol.

Sump plugs are pretty cheap nowadays and seem to come in every colour and alloy you could imagine lol I couldn't decide when i bought mine.

Happy Motoring **HONDA POWER**

lovemore_mbigi, Aug 6, 6:53pm
Yep - horsey talk still used in pommy mud island to some extent.Near side = left.Off side = right.

lookoutas, Aug 6, 9:28pm
What a stupid question!

drew2009, Aug 6, 11:39pm
What a stupid statement!
The only stupid question is one not asked.

lugee seems keen to learn more about cars, and I have alot of respect for anyone willing to ask and listen to the answer.
Despite people like yourself who insist on answering the question with name calling and acting like a child.

lookoutas, Aug 7, 1:56am
You are right drew. I do except that there are people out there who need such help.
But I didn't name call. Just question called. Unlike you.

The End

nightboss, Aug 7, 3:37am
Far out - there are a lot of thick people on here today!

lookoutas, Aug 7, 4:57am
Jeez - that's worse than what I fingered.

lugee, Aug 7, 7:24am
Whats wrong with confirming what side it would be before ordering a part and getting the wrong one! Says more about the type of person you are.

carmedic, 2 days, 21 hours
Ford Explorer sump plug sir, that'll be $47. Very cheap!