Am I seeing things or.?

brad166, Nov 7, 7:29am
good spotting

jmma, Nov 7, 7:29am
Funny looking bottle to take to a party (o:

grangies, Nov 7, 7:35am
Those thighs and calves look dangerous.

One kick in the nuts from them, and it's all over .

40wav, Nov 7, 7:45am
Yet they have dissapeared in photo two. Where do you suppose she keeps them!

cowboy110, Nov 7, 7:47am
By the way she's posing I've got a fair idea.

grangies, Nov 7, 8:11am
Look at her right calf muscle in photo 2.

Looks like a powerhouse to me.

Dangerous! Lol.

mugenb20b, Nov 7, 8:16am
Nah! They look good to me.I'd probably break her if anything.

magicmat, Nov 7, 8:22am
"Car was valued in Nov 2010 at 23000 by Mussel Cars Christchurch". sounds fishy to me.

owene, Feb 7, 5:19pm
It'll have a good shell then.