Pukekohe v8s

franko171, Nov 7, 2:36am
johny mac not racing

ninja_man, Nov 7, 2:44am
and only 16 cars racing

brokebloke1, Nov 7, 2:57am
fogg had massive crash in race two cars running dry tyres while its raining ! no wonder they crash

whqqsh, Nov 7, 3:07am
then dude has a grizzle about race not being red flagged. Not only should he have taken the conditions into account but if he hadnt crashed he'd be the first one to brag about his wet weather driving skill

rsr72, Nov 7, 3:27am
Bargwanna was also losing it at exactly same spot as Fogg who was in the process of skating into the first wall.

socram, Nov 7, 3:49am
That stretch of Pukekohe in the wet can be lethal, even on road tyres.Amazing that Foggy is even back on the grid!

socram, Nov 7, 3:50am
Isn't he involved with the new opposition V8s!

rednsr, Nov 7, 4:49am
Yes. Because they are better

lisah8, Nov 7, 6:27am
This is why some of the regular drivers were missing.


twink19, Nov 7, 6:36am
time will tell, all it has done is split the amount of cars, the new car of the future was on display at Puke. space frame, 6 speed sequencial box, bigger wheels,if it wasnt for 104 BMWs, there would have been bugger all there

socram, Nov 7, 7:41am

patiki1, Nov 7, 8:47am
And fords winning most of the time.

rug_nz, Nov 7, 9:22pm
Wasn't many/any crowd shots on TV was there many their watching.

socram, Nov 7, 9:35pm
I'd like to know that too!

elect70, Nov 8, 1:11am
Boring daynowthe top3boysgone tosupercarssmall feilds15 v8s ,16 suzukis ,no Porschesluckily the BMWs made up the numbers . Crowd well down on previous yearsstands 1/2 full .

serf407, Feb 8, 4:12pm
The nzv8 frame car should have four wheel drive. DTM of 20 years ago.