Is my tow bar breaking?

mrfxit, Nov 7, 3:35am
Certainly needs looking at.
Should be easy enough to weld up if it's needed.
NO .it won't need certifying.

framtech, Nov 7, 3:59am
Vee out the crack and weld. Maybe just go to the local towbar workshop and say fix it please.

bellky, Nov 7, 4:02am
looks pretty bad actually - especially the one on the left.

NZTools, Nov 7, 4:05am
Once you have welded the crack, grind the sharp edges off the hoop, which was the cause of it cracking in the first place. Nice rounded edges wont crack like sharp edges.

a18a, Nov 7, 4:56am
cheers. I went and got another tow bar, I'll grind off the edges like you said. hopefully it wont happen again

rob_man, Nov 7, 5:18am
That's a bit of a worry, bit of a design fault maybe! The possibilities of what might happen if it broke are quite alarming.

mm12345, Nov 8, 12:44am
Ummm - yes that's an understatement.
Perhaps, unless the towbar has been used/abused by towing loads well in excess of design rating, the OP might like to name the brand/maker of that towbar.

drew2009, Nov 8, 12:59am
Looks like a rather poor design on the manufacturers part.
The sharpness of that radius is asking for trouble, a more smooth, gradual radius with more beef on it would have been far better.

a18a, Feb 8, 8:42pm
i don't know the brand of it, but the one i replaced it with is exactly the same (but without the splits) and it has a best bars sticker on it. I should grind those edges before I forget.

I do tow stuff fairly often, but never in excess of its rating