North Shore Dyno?

sr2, Nov 8, 6:57am
Does any one out there in MB land know of a 2 wheel Dyno on the North Shore! I??

psx_man, Nov 8, 7:09am
Dodsons has one.

vivac, Nov 8, 7:10am
Hi Velocity andMCR.

twink19, Nov 8, 7:15am
they use High Velocity

patiki1, Nov 8, 7:33am
Shore Performance Automotive

johnf_456, Nov 8, 7:51am
How far from milford are you willing to go

trdbzr, Nov 8, 8:01am

sr2, Nov 8, 8:02am
Thanks for the info, Shore Performance folded some years back I'll chase up Harry Dodson (didn't realise he had one).

johnf_456, Nov 8, 8:03am
Dodsons are good not far from here.

sr2, Nov 8, 8:07am
Very observant of you Johnno.

johnf_456, Feb 9, 10:07pm
Not johnno and yes hes good, I could talk to him and get you a good deal if you like.