Crushed NUTS anyone?!

trogedon, Nov 7, 8:41pm

compchick, Nov 7, 9:45pm

dave653, Nov 7, 9:52pm
Jeeezzz, hope he has an understanding wife!

trogedon, Nov 7, 11:12pm
I remember reading about a nurse doing a Masters thesis on hip (and other bits) damage that was received by motorcycle riders who??

trogedon, Nov 8, 1:27am
Both 'who's' and 'whose' are acceptable in this context. Try the phrase with your spelling and grammar checker.

ema1, Nov 8, 2:06am
Don't think he'd be capable of dealing to weeds via the jiggy jiggy bow wow treatment anymore eh!

cocabowla, Nov 8, 5:14am
not neccesarily any injury to the anatomy, i crashed a bike into a car back in the late 80's and there was a similar dent in back of tank yet i suffered no injury there at all.

ninja_man, Nov 8, 5:41am

johnf_456, Nov 8, 5:43am
Same old.

fordzfly, Nov 8, 5:50am
Go kart motor any1

ema1, Nov 8, 7:05am
Well stashed then eh ha ha or just plain lucky, I'd say the later myself!

mantagsi, Nov 8, 7:33am
That accident damage could be the results from the one day the rider decided to wear his giant 20 pound Harley belt buckle for a laugh.

bob1088, Nov 8, 9:28am
they get caught fairly often on handle bars also - acquaintance split one and had to have half surgically removed once - yes,ouch! - dr likened them to tomatoes the way pressure will split them.

trogedon, Feb 10, 5:50pm