Lucas Heavy Duty since 2003

gonefishing16, Nov 9, 1:39am
Brand new battery (Lucas Heavy Duty) bought in 2003 which I had on the backseat of the car and had an accident that very day with the car being written off.Had battery sitting around since then.Never used and thinking about selling it on Trade Me now, 8 years later.Can someone please tell me if that is okay or is there anything I need to do to it before selling.Sorry, but do not know much about batteries.Look forward to any replies and thanks.

drew2009, Nov 9, 1:44am
Just check to see it isn't leaking any battery acid and was not damaged in the impact. It should be fine batteries are tough.
And maybe check it with a battery load tester if you can find one or alternatively charge it up and put it in your car and see if it still works as it should.

sgrants, Nov 9, 1:51am
That battery will be buggered , plates will have sulphated due to lack of use!

gonefishing16, Nov 9, 1:52am
Thanks Drew.It does not appear to leak any acid at all.Looks like it did when I bought it.Am not able to charge it up myself, nor put in my car as don't have one.I could explain it my auction that it might need to be recharged!Also, it would be a pick up only,

sifty, Nov 9, 1:59am
yes sitting unused is very bad for them. I would be surprised if it is any good after 8 years.

marte, Nov 9, 2:18am
You might get $10 at a metal scrapyard for it.

johnf_456, Nov 9, 2:20am
Scrap metal material sadly

gonefishing16, Feb 11, 9:57am
Hi all.Many thanks for your replies.Scrap metal it will be, unfortunately.I will not auction it, of course.