Now the weathers warmed up

sifty, Nov 9, 12:24am
real blokes have their own jetboats. Sure they have the occasional blat up a river, but really it's just an excuse to buy another engine and go-faster bits.

johnf_456, Nov 9, 4:41am
^^ Indeed

rob_man, Nov 9, 5:38am
I thought the cataract at the top of the big pool would be a bit severe for a jet boat to climb up, my memory must be playing me false. It's been a long time since I've seen that bit of the river.
That whole stretch from Cambridge to Karipiro is quite boisterous and probably exciting to be on.

noswalg, Nov 9, 5:40am
Unfortunately this real man isn't allowed a jetboat! Apparently I am allowed a new kitchen though.

richard198, Nov 9, 5:42am
Make sure you put it in the garage!

noswalg, Nov 9, 5:42am
Own one do you!

noswalg, Nov 9, 5:44am
lol, good plan, all I'd need is the fridge!

sifty, Feb 13, 2:07pm
Oh god, I've just gone through the new kitchen thing, condolences.