Can anyone help with a link on how to find a

modie61, Nov 9, 8:12pm
chauffers job in NZ ! tia.

thejazzpianoma, Nov 9, 10:03pm
Not nit picking modie, but just in case you spell it wrong on an application or something. I think the word you are looking for is "chauffeur". Best of luck!

bellky, Nov 9, 10:09pm
i thought it was showfur

bitsy_boffin, Nov 9, 11:02pm
I thought it was spelt "taxi driver" myself.

modie61, 6 days, 14 hours
Yep good one jazz,i spelt it wrong,thank you. Yea crazy,i have just now contacted a company and have got more details. Seems Wellington is where its at for work. All those politicians i suppose. Thanks guys and girls.