Formula 1 crash

serf407, Nov 30, 11:12am
Formula one crash Bahrain - Grosjean
Halo and hans essential. Quick work by the safety and medical crew

budgel, Nov 30, 11:26am
Jeez! It says a lot about how well the designed safety features work.

bill-robinson, Nov 30, 12:36pm
shows also that driving standards need to be looked at.

soundsgood, Nov 30, 12:58pm
As in Spa but more so today, there is extra danger with walls angled to be flat with the potential direction of an incoming car.

socram, Nov 30, 8:31pm
Haven't seen it but shows the strength of modern F1 cars.

Remember the stick that Jackie Stewart got for pushing for improved safety standards, as back then, they'd only just started fitting F1 cars with seat belts?

"Although helmets and overalls were stipulated by Formula 1's governing body, as far back as the early '60s, safety belts have only been compulsory features in a Formula 1 car since 1972."

soundsgood, Dec 2, 6:23am
And now Lewis Hamilton has tested positive for covid, so someone else will drive the car this weekend. A new winner next time out?

emmerson1, Dec 4, 10:22pm
Remarkable. I just watched that movie about the drive for safety in Formula One ("1"?), and the difference between watching someone crash at half that speed and die, with no-one able to do anything, is remarkable. In my lifetime, there were times when the only people who would even try were the other drivers who would stop their own race, jump out and try to drag the injured driver out of his car.

serf407, Dec 10, 6:44am
Animation of the Grosjean crash

countrypete, Dec 10, 7:55am
Thanks for that. Very informative. Man, that halo is strong!

gammelvind, Oct 11, 3:58pm
He wouldn’t have survived without that halo.

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