Metal coating / finishing - cold blue?

tigertim20, Dec 13, 4:13pm
I have some parts that require some cold blue treatment.

anyone got any idea where I can find something for that? Ive searched trademe and google for Jax iron steel and nickel blackener, and for "cold blue" products on the usual sites, TM, topmaq, machinery house, but nobody seems to carry anything.

Is it referred to by another name in NZ?

anyone know where i can obtain some?

pheonix, Dec 13, 5:13pm

tigertim20, Dec 13, 5:43pm
ah, cheers gentlemen, TMMB delivers again!

bill-robinson, Oct 10, 5:54am
make sure you degrease the bits thoroughly and do not touch them with your hands anytime during the procedure.

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