reggienz, Dec 15, 9:10am
What's your views on the Sassangyong Rexton?

intrade, Dec 15, 9:25am
the best ones where only made to 2003(diesel). and i keep looking for one for 5 Years now . The last one was dergistered and automatic. 2004 is commonrail . They use a clone version of mercedes motors. but you wont likely find a good one as i look since 5 years now.

s_nz, Dec 15, 11:14am
The cheapest route into a 3500kg tow rated, Low range SUV. But note that it does have a relatively low max ball down force and spacesaver spare, the latter of which is rare on low range SUV's.

You can read some reviews here:

Need to give some guidance on if you are looking for a new or used one,and of the latter, what age / have.

Unless it exactly meets your needs, I wouldn't buy a new one as the depreciate fast compared to the more common brands. If it is the 3500kg tow rating you are after, The utes would get the job done with less cost.

If you need 7 seats and can get away with a 2800kg or 3000kg tow rating, something like a fortuner or pardo would be a better buy.

As a used car, the Rexton has a near unique offering as a high tow rating, comfortable 7 seater 4x4, generally in good condition for a reasonable price. Prado's etc will be very high mileage and much older to be at the same price. This means for some buyers they can get the modern diesel engine etc by going for the rexton, where as an old prado would have a old, slow diesel or a thirsty petrol.

I thought engines were made by Medicares themselves rather than being clones. My understanding is the 2.7L one is fairly well regarded.

Need to check they have the features you want (low range?) as my understanding is several specs were sold in the past.

bigfatmat1, Dec 15, 12:09pm
what year

msigg, Dec 15, 12:43pm
They are on a good seller, resale not so good too, if your not worried about looks and it makes u happy all good, if your starting to doubt then move on.

bumfacingdown, Oct 9, 3:02pm
What is your take on the better years to buy?

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