No more speeding tickets for me.

sadmuddle, Sep 8, 9:05pm
I run a GPS unit that shows the vehicle speed on the windscreen. I make sure it lights up two digits . if it shows three that means 100 KPH. Drop back to 98 KPH then car speedo will show 103 KPH .I look to avoid seeing three digits.Never did get tickets anyway .

intrade, Sep 8, 9:14pm
i was thinking of making some sort of fry tool to nuke radar signals when i seen the video from bigclive how a halogen driver nuked all radio signals lol.

skiff1, Sep 9, 8:11am
it’s a good thing there’s nowhere in New Zealand where the speed limit is less than 100 km/h

tgray, Sep 9, 8:15am
So you did this to continue achieving the same result as you did without it?

martin11, Sep 9, 8:47am
Gps are not always accurate or available in many areas so you can get false information .

Intrade , been tried many times over the years and have not heard of one the actually works properly .

3tomany, Sep 9, 9:22am
They re awesome if you have disconnected the speedo in a diesel.

tony9, Sep 9, 11:56am
That device will get nowhere close to the radar frequency. If you no manage to create a suitable frequency you then need to modulate it to get past the filters in the front end. You are also going to need 100KW or so of RF power to nuke the system, not to mention frying the brains of anyone within 10's of metres.

There are so called radar jammers available, they rarely work and when they do they will only impact a few older systems.

And then you have the increasingly being used laser speed detectors.

alowishes, Sep 9, 1:12pm
Imagine if somebody tried a home made hammer and it caused the radar to read faster than the true speed, oh the hilarity!

Just focus on driving correctly, works pretty well for me.

martin11, Sep 9, 4:30pm
I know a person who got pulled up for an offence and one of the things the Police checked was his RUC's and when he last did his warrent .
The warrent was done in the lower part of the South Island and he was in Nelson with only a milage of 350km on the speeding extra to what was on the warrent check . Vehicle was impounded and searched ,during which the switch was found on the speedo wiring . Was taken to court and fined over $5000 for non payment of RUC's . Took him nearly 2 weeks to get his vehicle back .

berg, Sep 10, 1:19pm
Yep. Getting wise to that sort of thing now.
Best I saw during my 12 years, 170,000km overrun on a transporter. Won't say how I found it but, I found it. Then he failed to rectify it and got caught again by a work colegue.
2 x $15.000 infringements, almost $100,000 in repayment of RUC and forfiture of the truck. Deliberate RUC evasion is now being treated as tax evasion and thats were the big fines come out

sadmuddle, Sep 10, 6:56pm
When I own a couple of six wheel tippers in Auckland in the 1990s I used to get a bit of work off another carrier .I got $52 per hour and he would have charged out $65 .It turned out he paid no RUC on a fleet of 10 truck and trailers By the time the police was finished he lost the lot.

stevo2, Sep 10, 7:01pm
I know of a guy that ran his diesel Pathfinder to work and back every day for many years. He estimated it had done 650,000km but the odometer only showed 150,000km when he sold it.
I feel sorry for the poor bugger that bought it thinking he was buying a good low mileage SUV for his family.
He's had his Navara switched as well.

sadmuddle, Sep 10, 8:26pm
truck operators who don't pay RUC are scum.They can afford to under cut other carriers who are unaware of what they are up against.

lookoutas, Nov 21, 10:41am
Don'r worry about it Sadie - I'll get them for ya.

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