Free Selling--Yay--or is it.

yz490, Sep 5, 12:59pm
Ok, correct me please. Does that mean no success fee as well as no listing fee today for an under 10k car selling by auction. Email below.

Today's the day to sell your stuff! We're giving you free selling on $1 reserve general items and cars under $10k too!

kazbanz, Sep 5, 1:09pm
Uhhhh yippee--notice who is specifically excluded

intrade, Sep 5, 1:12pm
dealers just sell 6 cars as pinocio mermaid superman hellboy as private seller just like all the other corrupt dealers do.

yz490, Sep 5, 1:13pm
I hadn't noticed [not sure where to look] but hope its not me haha. Oh Kaz, i'm guessing it's you, sorry.

kazbanz, Sep 5, 4:15pm
HMM--yea could do that--then get caught-I always do -ask the wife

sw20, Nov 25, 3:19am
Yes just sold a car via Buy Now this morning. No success fee.

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