Looking at a trailblazer

totalimp, Dec 10, 10:20am
Any particular thoughts on them? Looking at a 2017 here on trade me, has done 183000kms ex fleet. Currently in getting sensor sorted. I can't find a copy of a service book to see if there's any major components that likely need replacing. Couple of aussie reviews seem to rate it. Any thoughts? Anything to be aware of?

intrade, Dec 10, 10:27am
i seen a cheap one but i doubt its 2017 the one i seen.
The fact is these american cars cost ultra mega bux . i was thinking thats only for us . but they cost ultra mega in america also As rich rebuild is sick of fixing hsi tesla and went and got a Diesel to tow his tesla to the repair shop as his tacoma wont pull nothing- tacoma is the hilux.

intrade, Dec 10, 10:33am
Here are the reasons i never liked american cars. They have had wierd imperial bolts and spanners to undo them bolts. Then they steering is like driving a sponge and the way they act is like a boat unless you only drive on straight roads= we dont have any of them.
Plus ,,was . they where always huge mother cars, Well not so much now since all car manufacturer make dangerous top heavy Suv that fall over no matter how much electronics you implement with morons driving them as if they where normal cars.
But space wise american cars are global leaders.
A other danger is if you are over 3500kg you end up needing a cof for your usa ute etc. from what i reasearched.

andy61, Dec 10, 12:58pm
Intrade - you have your wires crossed. The Holden Trailblazer is an Isuzu MU-X with a European Diesel Engine( related to Fiat)- hardly an American car! Do a check on what a Holden Trailbazer is ,you will realize it has very little to do with the GM America ChevoletTrailblazer. Everything you have written is nonsense!

tamarillo, Dec 10, 1:40pm
Being a Ute based suv it has good strong chassis so good tow machine but not as good on road as car based soft raider SUVs so choice is yours. Nought wrong with them.

ako2, Dec 10, 3:24pm
Trailblazer is an SUV bodied Holden Colorado. Owned mine from new for 4 years and rate it highly. Tows large caravan very easily and cruises open road very comfortably, laden or unladen thanks to coil spring rear suspension. Watch for EGR valve/intake manifold problems particularly if it has had a lot of slow speed around town driving.

saki, Dec 10, 3:30pm
pictures of intrade running away to skulk on you tube with the 300$torch.

intrade, Dec 10, 3:34pm
2012 seems where a lot changed the name had me think of the older ones and or the blazer without trail.

msigg, Dec 10, 5:22pm
Some mothers do have them.

bill1451, Dec 10, 6:36pm
So whats new ? sure he means well but but but.

kazbanz, Dec 10, 7:44pm
totalimp I think we had this conversation awhile ago. Honestly you are ripping up huge amounts of money simply for a "look"

totalimp, Dec 10, 7:55pm
Yeah but nah lol. This is hubby’s car. He actually uses the load space for work. Ute won’t work cause the amazing Wellington weather. I’m all sorted, it’s him who’s now on the hunt for a replacement.

totalimp, Dec 10, 7:57pm
We can let all my threads die now, we are all sorted for the next 2-5 years hopefully and I’ll leave you guys alone, thanks heaps all for your help. I really do appreciate it. We don’t have dads in our life to be able to ask these q’s. Thanks all

3tomany, Dec 10, 9:57pm
Have you found something? Good luck all the best. Your story has been a good one for us all to learn from and i thank you for sharing it.

franc123, Dec 10, 10:02pm
I'd be wanting to know what sensor they are replacing and why. If it's the manifold pressure (turbo boost sensor) I'd be walking away from it. If that is the case I am prepared to explain why.

totalimp, Dec 10, 10:10pm
Why would you walk away from it? They’re pretty common and as long as they are replaced it should be fine shouldn’t it? Wasn’t just the sensor, was the whole thing. 6 hour labour job, not cheap but being done.

franc123, Dec 10, 10:14pm
Ok what is your planned usage of this vehicle? How much highway driving do you do?

kazbanz, Dec 10, 11:02pm
it’s no worries

totalimp, Dec 11, 5:54am
Probably half highway half town driving during the week. Won’t be in stop start traffic really. Main car on the weekends and the holiday car. Bit of towing and loading/carting of stuff

kazbanz, Dec 11, 10:16am
totalimp franc is a "professional bodger"--as opposed to a "home bodger"
So if he is asking a specific mechanical question I tend to put a fair weight on his opinion.
Translating that ^^^^^^ into English. -he works on this stuff day in day out so has seen the long term affects of the issue you describe.

totalimp, Dec 11, 11:46am
Thanks, yeah i've seen a few of his posts. Definitely keen to hear more re the manifold issues The dealer reassured us that it was fairly common (which i've googled) and normally it gets picked up under factory warranty but the dealer is wearing the cost of this. He's throwing in a warranty and we are getting a PPI. We first thought it was the sensor he was replacing but it's more than that apparently

totalimp, Oct 11, 11:49am
Ute isn't practical, we've had utes in the past. We loved the mux, so want to replace that like for like, the size, the space, the grunt, the towing was all perfect. There wasn't a single thing we didn't love about it, apart from the "issues". This trailblazer looks to be the same in terms of size, engine, space, grunt, towing etc. Probably quite a bit of highway driving. We live rural, so weekday commute is 20 mins on the highway, maybe 5-10 in town. As i mentioned he carts stuff for work that the work utes can't carry, he often drives to sites in the next town. Our holidays generally long distance, we are in the market for a caravan and the idea is that we get away a bit more. He wants to be able to do some light offroading, red rocks in wellington we do once every month or so for example.

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