70 million per K and it's going to cost more

differentthings, Sep 10, 2:18pm
and it's only single lane in each direction. There was another story about it awhile ago that the new road would reach capacity within 5 years.


differentthings, Sep 10, 2:21pm
and when we finally get into the city we will have no where to park our cars lol

trade4us2, Sep 10, 3:08pm
Why did they not do some test bores before they started building the road?
The Council said that my neighbour had to have test bores into Waitemata sandstone for an ordinary house. Of course the sandstone was fine.

kazbanz, Sep 10, 4:43pm
They did over 100 test bores

gph1961, Sep 10, 4:49pm
this is the kiwi way
who gives a rats

intrade, Sep 10, 5:49pm
yea the road i did read that i always wondered why we dont have roads made of gold with r.u.c for trucks at 3$ per km

intrade, Sep 10, 5:51pm
yea shel be right just give me 100 million a month in wages i can do nothing for it. no problemo
TY point is another scumbag outfit

intrade, Sep 10, 5:55pm
i used to work making test bores for the neat trans alpine railway tunnel in switzerland they had no problems doing that tunnel and here they cant whipe there own a$$ . but yea i told you so and no i dont need to leave the country for telling you the truth.
there is no much to be found on interweb but this is the track we made test boorings for i was doing the slurry for the drill and feeding 9 meter pipes with hiab in to the juck 12h shifts at night for 5 grand a month nz$
nz$ was 20% less then swiss franks so you add 20% on to get what they paid.

intrade, Sep 10, 6:10pm
you know how long neat is? at the nz rate you be building 14km only 70 times 14= 980 mllion. Somone needs to be lynched is all i say

intrade, Sep 10, 6:14pm
same joke they would drill a hole thru brendyrven in 2 months tops. with 4 lanes and railway. if you paid em 70 million a km

intrade, Sep 10, 6:34pm
70 million@ 1km = tousend meter thats 70 tousend doller per meter of road. That road should last 50 years at that price but as we know it dont last 3 month just look at the hamilton huntly motorway. its just complete incompetent morons let loose on anything here.

gph1961, Sep 10, 7:12pm
that fella isnt here today

apollo11, Sep 10, 7:28pm
We should import our morons from 'Die Schweiz', we'd get better quality morons with nifty accents.

philltauranga, Sep 10, 8:01pm
its just complete incompetent morons let loose on anything here.[/quote] yet when the Swiss built the Gotthard base tunnel, the tunnel boring machine got stuck, but we will just overlook that aye.

gazzat22, Sep 10, 8:49pm
Its mainly an Australian Company,the same mob who are holding the Transmission Gully project to ransom in Wellington.The Ministry of Works certainly werent perfect but this bunch are in a league of their own.!

intrade, Sep 11, 7:24am
yet when the Swiss built the Gotthard base tunnel, the tunnel boring machine got stuck, but we will just overlook that aye. [/quote]
yea and it did not cost 700 million to free it . not to mention its a mountain and not a pi$$y road in the open somwhere. They need german engeneeers to fix a sewer pipe here. you got to be litarally be $hitting me.

intrade, Sep 11, 7:26am
check out what road user charges are for trucks it 3$ a km on quite a lot of them and more and i pay 8 cent a km now to these incompetent thugs.

intrade, Sep 11, 7:30am
so why does it cost double in a short periode of time if you go by that one should have a minimum wage of 120$ per h .
in the lockdown in march all road maintainace could have been done with close to 0 traffic on them. but thats not the interest as that dont lines the backpockets with $$ to cut cost and do work .
its everywhere look at the friggen joke brendyrven 3 times they redone the north side and the south side was never done . You would have 4 tunnels thru it for the money . And now they start talking about a tunnel.
auckland harbour same thing a tunnel like if the english can build a tunnel under water all the way it should be a fingersnap to build a 4 lane one across the few hundred meter of auckland harbour.

philltauranga, Nov 22, 1:13am
We also need Swiss mechanics to fix our Euro cars.

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