Instrument cluster from wreckers

iluvmuse, Dec 4, 8:57pm
The odometer on the cluster I want to install has 50k less than the current odometer . It's a digital type. Can I get it adjusted somewhere or notify nzta of the difference?

saxman99, Dec 4, 9:10pm
Maybe these guys can help.

tony9, Dec 4, 9:11pm
If it is truly a digital one, the Kms may be coming from the Vehicle Management System and changing the instrument won't change it.

What is the Vehicle?

iluvmuse, Dec 4, 9:25pm
Thanks for the link.
It's a ten year old Hiace. I meant digital display rather than analogue.

curlcrown, Dec 5, 8:17am
Is it petrol or diesel? If it is a petrol there is no legal requirement to notify anyone except the person you sell it to when and if you sell it.

intrade, Dec 5, 8:25am
as per above otherwise some can be changed via obd2 port others change by read write eeprom on cluster. or resolder of old chip from old cluster to new.

martin11, Dec 5, 9:45am
It shows up when you do a check on warrent issues .

curlcrown, Dec 5, 5:48pm
Yes but it doesn't prevent getting a WOF and is not a legal issue unless you do it with intenet to decieve.

saxman99, Dec 5, 9:44pm
Years ago I had this same situation, I used a label maker to print a sticker with the additional mileage noted, put it on the corner of the windscreen.

kazbanz, Oct 13, 10:18pm
Short version YES. You can add k'm to a digital ODO. I'd try your local sparky or Toyota branch

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