The worlds best automotive Professor is back

intrade, Dec 6, 12:53pm

vic008, Dec 6, 5:41pm
Thought that was LJK Setright

sr2, Dec 6, 7:43pm
And all this time I thought it was Clive Matthew-Wilson!

s_nz, Dec 6, 10:23pm
Pity those aren't available in NZ. Those offer amazing range for their price in the USA, and 150kW is fairly good for a non-hot hatchback too.

redhead18, Dec 6, 11:24pm
thejazzpianoma (277 277 positive feedback) 6/12/20
redhead18 was the buyer

Great trader! Excellent communication and a joy to deal with. Ask to meet his dog she is great!

Na just a Border collie-LOL

socram, Dec 9, 6:06pm
I think he passed on some years ago.

reb53, Oct 12, 6:47am
Yep, Sobranie Black Russians did for him.

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