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robbief, Sep 3, 4:28pm
What is the best rardar detector for those camera vans.got a ticket today coming from 100km to 50km.at the end of the 100km the road goes over a bridge 100km one side 50km the outher and there is the camera van its not a built up area rural with a few houses further on.i no im wrong but if this is the new normal a good detector may be required.

m16d, Sep 3, 4:36pm
A real good detector will give you about 2 seconds warning on a camera van. basically telling you you've got a ticket.

s_nz, Sep 3, 4:38pm
Do people use waze much in NZ? Really popular in other countries. Real time crowed sourced tracking of road blockages, hazards & Law enforcement, combined with GPS navigation if required.

sw20, Sep 3, 4:45pm
How many tickets does it take to pay for a quality detector?

robbief, Sep 3, 4:59pm
maybe not long if they start pinging you for 1km over like they say they will.had one for 3km over $30.bucks.

alowishes, Sep 3, 5:04pm
So somewhere between 10 and 20 tickets before you get to the cost of any radar detector? ( or possibly more for e decent one)

evotime, Sep 3, 5:17pm
What’s happened to the flash flash headlight warning these days?

kiwilandchch, Sep 3, 6:53pm
Im old Skool I still flash to warn others then again on long trips I sometimes just flash them for fun when bored lol

john1623, Sep 3, 7:09pm
If you were genuine old school you would not flash because you are bored.That is the reason nobody can depend on a flash anymore.Also you may have some explaining to do if you flash a mufti.

tamarillo, Sep 3, 9:52pm
Are you sure it’s 50 in one direction and 100 in the other? That would be very unusual.

orphic1, Sep 4, 6:47am
OP, you weren't clear how far past the transition from 100 to 50 the camera vehicle was. They cannot be within 250 metres, as per this link.

orphic1, Sep 4, 7:22am
As to the other part of your question, to quote from Radar Direct (NZ).
'Presently, photoradar systems used in New Zealand are now Digital Low Powered Pulsed K band signal which are very difficult to detect. The operation frequency is 24.100GHz. ±100MHZ. Due to the low output power of the photoradar guns, most radar detectors will give no advanced warning. Only the latest detectors from ESCORT Valentine Research & Beltronics will provide adequate warning of Speed Cameras. Typically you can expect it to fluctuate between 80-300 metres.'

amasser, Sep 4, 9:44am

martin11, Sep 4, 9:48am
And your eyeballs to read it with .

robbief, Sep 4, 12:43pm
its a rural road up to the bridge is 100km on and over the bridge is 50km. the camera was around 150m from end of bridge in the rough on the side of the road.

robbief, Sep 4, 12:46pm
Thanks for that orphic 1 will look at them.

xs1100, Sep 5, 8:59am
its the points that hurt not the ticket.

gedo1, Sep 6, 7:29pm
More info. area; road names etc. please?

gedo1, Nov 24, 10:57am
No points for speed camera tickets. jast the fine.

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