Who knew it was that hard to spend $20k

berg, Sep 4, 5:09pm
Especially on a luxury item during a pandemic.
Trying to buy myself a new toy. First place i contacted, Oh sorry, we sold that a while ago and forgot to take it off trade me.
Second place, $500 ORC for a trailer! Really? Come on!
And neither come back with any suggestions or ideas to suit my budget.
NZ service is starting to suck. No wonder people aren't spending money in these places

gunhand, Sep 4, 5:27pm
I had a wad of cash in my pocket not that long ago in the scheme of things and was in Dunedin wanting to buy a brand new motorcycle. Went to the dealer and said i would like to test ride the demo bike and if I liked it I would buy one.
They said, no sorry its Xmas eve. And it was quite early in the morning.
WTF. And guess what, I will never buy any bike there again. And Ive had a few since then.
Wonder if it would have been different had I been buying a brand new "potato"
Oh, and a trailer is a Toy? Surely not.

berg, Sep 4, 5:48pm
Its whats on the trailer lol

tweake, Sep 4, 5:56pm
sales people need to be on the ball and hungry.

rang a trailer outfit the other day, they could not have been more helpful. they knew their products. some of the gear i was going to get elsewhere (needed different brand) but it turns out they stock that to. so they made an extra sale.
parts arrived today.

apollo11, Sep 4, 6:01pm
The best salespeople are the ones who just want to help. Worth their weight in chocolate fish.

tnt423, Sep 4, 6:47pm
Its surprisingly busy at the moment for toys, lots of people spending their travel money etc on toys.

$500 for a trailer rego/ wof that's crazy, that's about $350 for someone to sort it out.

sw20, Sep 4, 7:53pm
Sure does. Now they have the gangsters forcing you to cough up GST even though you bypassed them entirely by buying from overseas.

tony9, Sep 4, 8:41pm
Bunnings, was it?

intrade, Sep 4, 10:23pm
well if you read my comments then you know i told you so. i range a local guy who took my email and my phone number to let me know details for a 4 post Hoist . i have not gotten any emails nor a phone-call . Thats basically normal in this country and then they are surprised when they go bankrupt.

berg, Sep 5, 7:05am
Talk to Raj at Motorex. He couldn't be more helpful if he tried. Awesome bloke and he sold two hoists rather than just the one because he was so helpful

lythande1, Sep 5, 8:10am
Walk into an actual store?

tgray, Sep 5, 8:16am
There's half your problem.

tweake, Sep 5, 10:46am
lol, no. they annoyed the crap out of me earlier by stuffing me around with welding gas.now we have to show the last receipt, however many years old that is.
no mention of having to have a ute or trailer to carry the bottle like last time.
they keep changing the rules but insist "its always been that way".

franc123, Sep 5, 11:03am
It isnt starting to suck, its sucked for a long time. NZ suppliers and retailers need a fire under their butts. You'd think at a time like this they would be more focused on turning enquiries into sales but it seems not. The world is changing as are consumer requirements and they are lagging behind big time.

toenail, Sep 5, 2:15pm
some only exist to get the wage subsidy for "family staff". no intention of selling cars.

rpvr, Sep 6, 8:12am
I don't know why so many businesses have email addresses on their websites. I like to make enquiries by email about products I may be interested in buying, and I am lucky if I get 25% response.

tweake, Sep 6, 9:41am
a lot of businesses only deal with their traditional clients. they barley advertise and typically do not advertise prices.
i deal with a few firms in SI because they have websites that lists products and prices, with accurate pictures. i'm sure auckland has a dozen companies selling the same thing, but they don't advertise.

franc123, Sep 6, 10:20am
Yup transparency over pricing is an issue here.

familiadude1, Sep 6, 4:26pm
Can relate to this. Went to look at a turbo falcon a couple of months ago and they couldn't have being less interested s I will never go back to that dealer again regardless of what car they have. On the flipside the wifes car died($800 bomb) went to a dealer for something for her round the 5k mark and the dealer was great despite the fact we bought one of their cheapies. I would definatley go back to this one.

gman35, Sep 6, 5:43pm
TBH as a small retailer myself though, I can tell you that about 5% of email enquiries seem to actually be serious about purchasing, or asking a genuine question about an item. Mostly they are seemingly just "how cheap can I get something" emails, & probably bulk-sent to all suppliers of that XYZ brand/model, and the lack of giving me a contact CALL number so I can possibly give some quicker and more accurate info upon actually talking to the person is also frustrating, as the quite in-depth answers and pricing I usually try to reply with often doesn't even get an acknowledgement reply. So I do feel my time is increasingly better spent face-to-face in store and doing repairs which are a guaranteed return.

berg, Nov 24, 8:02am
Being that I hate posters who start these threads and don't come back,,,,,an update.
Found a bloody good dealer in Hamilton. Rang back when he said he would, offered options, threw in a few small extras and got a larger sale than I was origionally budgeting to spend because of it.
Roadie to he Tron to get a toy this week lol

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