F1 - first time winner

soundsgood, Sep 7, 1:18pm
For anyone who doesn't watch F1 because they think the winner is usually known before the start, this weekend's race from Italy certainly delivered bags of surprises.

casualobserver, Sep 7, 1:30pm
Yay - and it only took Lewis Hamilton to perform an illegal pit entry to achieve a surprising result. If he hadn't done that, then yes - it would've been yet another entirely predictable race.

Cool sport.

clark20, Sep 7, 7:15pm
Plus Ferrari no where to be seen, Bottas having a bad day, and Max down as well, perfect storm and quite interesting

gammelvind, Sep 7, 9:13pm
It was a fantastic race, Lewis stuffed up ended up at the back of the field, amazing how he managed to get back to 7th and yet Bottas in the same car couldn’t get past 5th.
Great to see Gasley get a win.

socram, Sep 7, 9:21pm
Sadly, not watching this year. Not paying Spark and also dumped Sky Sport.

Belt tightening or not getting value for money? Either way, not really as interested as I used to be but definitely good to see different bodies on the podium.

As an aside, just reading 'BRM - A Mechanic's Tale'. Brilliant book of the behind the scenes in F1, when there was a lot of fun as well as all-nighters.

soundsgood, Nov 23, 1:00pm
Sainz said the he was going to pit as well but his team advised him of the closure. Merc strategy - is always their Achilles heel.

Great performances by Gasley this year. It would be good to see him taken up by a team with potential, the way Sainz has been able to.

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