monaro17, Dec 1, 5:11pm
Hi Kaz and others

Looking to help sell a relatives 2012 Honda Jazz 1.3S manual. Immaculate, only 35,000kms, dark(er) silver metallic. What would be a fair sale price (selling direct to dealer) or a private sale price?

Yes, I know there are some similar on trademe but this seems like a bread and butter type vehicle for Mr Kaz, interested to hear your thoughts

kazbanz, Dec 1, 6:07pm
That ticks all the boxes for an oldie or die hard manual driver. My gut says its 10k all day long

monaro17, Dec 1, 6:09pm
10k privately or?

clark20, Dec 1, 6:52pm
NZ new?

monaro17, Dec 1, 6:58pm
Sure is.

kazbanz, Dec 1, 9:46pm
10 k to get dealer buy will likely be 9 k

kazbanz, Dec 2, 10:57am
If they want the least painfull deal I'd say give the car to an honest dealer (no its not an oxymoron) to sell OBO. That way theres no outlay no effort just wait for the money to roll in

peanuts37, Dec 2, 11:12am
Great little cars, hold value and last forever if maintained.

monaro17, Dec 2, 12:14pm
The local Honda dealer here in chch offered “between 6 & 7”
Frankly, that’s shameful

kazbanz, Dec 2, 12:29pm
Sorry mate but I don't agree. They have made an offer to buy.
As in pull out the "cheque book" and pay for it.
In the peoples shoes I'd go back and counter offer -See what happens.
Its just like when you are out to buy a car. -If you don't offer you don't get.
Pity you guys are so darn far away.

monaro17, Dec 2, 7:02pm
Indeed. Well I do think it’s a bit low considering they would make a quick 5-6k with zero outlay for them. But it is business I guess. I would rather let someone get a steal for 7k than allow or permit a large car yard to make a quick buck. Fingers crossed

kazbanz, Dec 2, 7:04pm
no chance you lot are ever heading norf is there? I know a yard would love that kinda stock

monaro17, Dec 2, 7:29pm
Sorry no, no plans

supernova2, 6 days, 21 hours
Could always pop in on a truck

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