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carclan, Sep 9, 2:47pm
I saw a Hyundai Santa Fe for sale a while back with hail damage to the roof, seller would not come clean (in my opinion) wether or not the roof had to be renewed, has anybody experience in this area or best to run.

serf407, Sep 9, 2:53pm
Around 10000 vehicles were damaged in a Timaru hail storm at the end of 2019.
Obviously they fail wofs and many have been scattered about NZ.

kazbanz, Sep 9, 3:16pm
Doesn't your question answer itself? The seller won't tell you whats needed to fix it.

msigg, Sep 9, 3:20pm
Plenty over here already. If repaired priperly and happy with the price then all good. If you dont think the reduction in price is good enough then run away and get some more money and buy nz new

desmodave, Sep 9, 4:11pm
If seller had said no , the roof does not need to be renewed what would you do then . No, i have not bought a hail damaged car , but quiet a few people will . Not that many car's will become investments , but if it gets you somewhere to earn a $ and your happy . Why not if the price is right . Watched people going silly on unseen turners hail damaged cars . if its like many of their motorcycles auctions though , you will soon see it relisted after the auction winner ducks for cover as doesn't want it after seeing what they bid on .

apollo11, Sep 9, 5:54pm
Paintless dent removal is an option. My wife's car was hail damaged and the paintless dent guys did a good job on it, can't find a trace of dents. But they did leave dirty finger prints all over the head lining.

tamarillo, Sep 9, 6:33pm
Just stick a vinyl roof on it.

curlcrown, Sep 9, 8:39pm
It would have to be one hell of a hail stone to cause enough damage to necessitate a WOF fail. Must be the case if stuff has reported that VTNZ said so.

carclan, Sep 9, 9:47pm
It was imported from Australia

tgray, Sep 10, 7:39am
Imported hail damaged write off no doubt.

john1623, Sep 10, 8:03am
Energy pathways, what a lot of gobbledegook .Next thing they will fail you on super market cart dings.Utter rubbish if you are happy with a few minor dents in the roof and are intending to keep the car until it dies,who cares.

kazbanz, Sep 10, 11:23am
HU? sorry dude but do you understand now the structure of a modern car works don't you?
Hail damage /supermarket trolley damage to non structural areas are not an issue. Damage to the "structure" of a vehicle is an issue.
So dings in the roof skin is ok. Dings in the "door frame /window frame" areas of the roof isn't .

apollo11, Sep 10, 1:07pm
It would need to be a pretty deep crease to have any real effect. A shallow dimple or two won't change a thing. Look at the size of creases you can get away with in sills when getting a wof.

rssierra, Sep 10, 5:30pm
Opinion is just that!

If in doubt check the NZTA vehicle inspection requirements manual.


joanie32, Sep 10, 5:53pm
Absolute know-nothing car salesman BS.

kazbanz, Sep 10, 6:11pm
not the point though is it? its damage to structure as per virm so it can be a wof fail --Ok sorry I'll rephrase. My point being to explain its not cosmetic damage but structural damage be it significant or not its still structural damage.

joanie32, Sep 10, 6:19pm
Take it to a panel shop and they will fill the hollows with a bit of poo, and everyone will be happy.
That’s how we fix “structural damage”

bill1451, Sep 10, 6:29pm
If its written off he would get the insurance anyway, get it, cut the top of weld some bars in and use it for shooting rabbits, or a buggy for the beach, bigger tyres air them down, go anywhere.

holly-rocks, Sep 10, 6:33pm
We just happened to be in Timaru that day and our car was a complete write off. I have never experience anything like it. The hail was the size of eggs! We packed under a tree (pure luck) and most of the cars in the car park had smashed window screens. Dints all over our car. So glad we didn’t take our classic car like we had planned that day!

apollo11, Sep 10, 8:55pm
Yeah I understand what you are saying, but I feel it's just pedantism on the part of VTNZ. After all, they do allow creases in sills to a prescribed degree, and a dimple mark isn't going to have any measurable bearing on the strength of the component. It would need to be a decent crease in the metal to do that.

tgray, Sep 11, 7:42am
I bought a car with hail damage once. Looked pretty superficial, so had the "dent man' come to my door and he and a colleague spent 2 full days getting them out. It wasn't cheap.

sw20, Sep 11, 8:18am
My last turbo MR2 was written off by hail damage. We had a hail storm that lasted off of five minutes in 2012 and it made the roof a golf ball. Paintless dent removal guys from Australia came over to fix all the cars. They quoted mine at $4500.

kazbanz, Sep 11, 9:14am
Sorry dude I'm not arguing the right or wrong of it. Just that that's the law.-And the logic behind it. Mind you equally if its "not worth worrying about" then I'd say its an argument to put to the people that created the laws.

apollo11, Sep 11, 10:59am
And that's what I'm saying too. Someone behind a desk has made a decision and therefore it 'must be followed' regardless of common sense or logic. There is an economic cost to this sort of decision making that completely overshadows any possible safety ramifications. We are rapidly turning into a country with 'First World' ideals but with a 'Third World' budget.

joanie32, Nov 22, 2:51pm
I’ve argued what is structural damage or rust with WOF people several times and won.
If also argued with Certifiers and won.
More people need to challenge the rulings of people who don’t really know what they are talking about.

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