Is a solar trickle charger perfectly safe?

trade4us2, Nov 28, 6:45pm
There will be an ordinary car battery in a vehicle that is not connected to anything except the solar charger (with a controller) which will be on the roof of a building. I think a 1 amp fuse would be good.
Is there any way there could be any problems?
I want the battery to be fully charged after a week or so.
I am sick of taking the battery out every week to charge it elsewhere.

msigg, Nov 28, 6:53pm
Well if the solar panel charges at 14 volts, then all good, a week charge will not be much unless it's a large solar panel, but yea they are a good top up, I have one hooked up to my vintage vehicle.

trade4us2, Nov 28, 7:23pm
Ha! It's 1891. Is that vintage?

intrade, Nov 28, 7:24pm
i doubt you own a car from 1891 lol
the bigger the solar panel the better . and a good controller .

tweake, Nov 28, 7:28pm
if you are having to charge the battery every week then somethings wrong with the battery. a solar charger is unlikely to help.

most solar chargers are really tiny and generally won't charge up any decent size battery. any decent sized one needs a proper charger controller so it doesn't overcharge the battery.

trade4us2, Nov 28, 8:29pm
I didn't say it was a car, although it does go along the road.
The battery just has to power the headlight and tail light for a few hours, and they use 25 watts.

intrade, Nov 28, 8:30pm
steam engine?

trade4us2, Nov 28, 8:48pm

tweake, Nov 28, 8:53pm

tony9, Nov 29, 3:26pm
You will need more than a trickle charger for that. Likely 20-50W solar panel with at least 3 stage controller.

tony9, Nov 29, 3:28pm
Something very wrong if there are losses during no sun. An internal diode should block it discharging.

The controller looks to be single stage, battery will not last well.

intrade, Nov 29, 4:04pm
#12 yes the point was not that i said to buy that. You just point out more losses that i talked about. and i dont make a claim that my figures are accurate they are to visualize what the problems are.
Same thing why you buy 1 flashlight for 300 $ that works and not 300 flashlight for 300$ that dont work at all.
The cheap chargers who claim 50 amp and tracking. Do no such thing thats just a sticker someone in the onahnglowditrict attached it to sell there trash .

trade4us2, Nov 29, 8:44pm
OK the battery I got today is 54Ah. The headlamps use 25 watts (they are LEDs). The charger has at least a week or two to charge the battery, and the headlamps will be on for about 5 hours.
I don't think I need a very big solar panel!

emmerson1, 6 days, 10 hours
Steam engine with LED lights - classic. You should hook a motor up to a wheel and then register it as a hybrid.

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