Best place to buy belts

rpvr, Sep 1, 3:09pm
Which is best place to buy belts in NZ? Not necessarily the cheapest, but reasonably priced? Either in Auckland for pick up, or elsewhere to have couriered. Belts I am after are 6PK1115 and 3PK855.

onl_148, Sep 1, 3:30pm
are we talking belts fan / drive or belts safety?

intrade, Sep 1, 3:37pm
or bnt would be where id get them from

rpvr, Sep 1, 3:46pm
Belts fan

intrade, Sep 1, 5:42pm
be awear you need correct ones for make as some run on its back of the belt and some dont. Ask me how i know. one of my belts a few years ago fitted and 2 month later was told at wof belt is worn . well it was running on its back also and the machine belt i got from saeco started to turn in to thin air as it had a cotton back instead of epdm or what ever its called when the smooth side is also used to operate.
and then there is modern strechbelts but them 2 places have good brand names bosch .dayco or gates are good names

tegretol, Sep 1, 6:45pm

toyboy3, Sep 1, 8:01pm
That would be a waist

rpvr, Sep 1, 9:39pm
Thanks for the info. I have a Nissan Avenir, and like you say, the tensioner idler for the alternator belt actually runs on the smooth side of the belt. I last replaced the belt in 2008 when the car had done 89,000k, now 12 years later it's just starting to show a few small cracks at 227,000k. Not bad service for a belt. I found the original cardboard sleeve from the belt, and it's a Dayco.

supernova2, Sep 3, 10:44pm
Soon as I saw the sizes I thought Nissan. Try these guys

gpg58, Sep 4, 10:34am
Google result -

familiadude1, Nov 24, 12:43pm
I got a belt for my rav4 from was in nz 7 days after ordering

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