F1 Sakhir - Another entertaing one

soundsgood, Dec 7, 3:25pm
Continuing what has been a very interesting year of F1, this race without Hamilton present was well worth a watch. More twists than an Agatha Christie story.


ryanm2, Dec 7, 3:29pm
It showed too how good that Mercedes car is. No doubt George Russell is a talented driver but to hope in and be able to pass Bottas twice is pretty exceptional.

soundsgood, Dec 7, 8:48pm
Bottas will be happy he already has a contract for next season. Even if he doesn't drive he'll get paid.
George was F2 and F3 champion. He would also be a cheaper option than Hamilton for next year.

elect70, Dec 9, 2:33pm
Bet merc teamboss got a big surprise at Russels performance , better watch out Hamilton hell take your seat , time to retire ?

socram, Oct 12, 8:50am
Pity the Herald - as usual, didn't even mention it.

They devoted 2/3 of a page to Grosjean's accident the week before - in the sports section, yet failed to even mention the winner. I sent a letter to the letter's page but as expected, they didn't publish it.

Can't even remember the last time they mentioned McLaren. Sad.

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