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sr2, Sep 30, 9:43pm
Hi guys. The faithful Tellus vac in the world famous sr2 man cave has finally clapped out .

I'm after a cheap wet-vac; got the boat up the slip doing Summer prep- would be great for cleaning the engine compartment bilge.

Looking at Bunnings, Mitre 10 etc. - any recommendations?

Mal - any any juvenile, salubrious innuendos re "wet/shop vac" will be ignored!

kazbanz, Oct 1, 8:57am
whats your price range?

supernova2, Oct 1, 10:34am
My one's a crappy plastic Ryobi from Bunnings. Recently I've acquired a couple of Ozito tools and pleasantly surprised at the quality for the price. Their shopvac is about $60 - might be worth a look.

saki, Oct 1, 1:09pm
The mighty Mako from the Red Shed, use it to pick up the bolts and nuts that im to lazy to bend over for, would suck a sailor of your sister, no they are good as a vacuum cleaner havnt tried the wet side but it has fairly big capacity, plenty of attachments all for $90.

richardmayes, Oct 1, 1:35pm
We've had for a long time a Vax "pet vax" which is a convertible wet or dry vac that comes with gimmicky head attachments for scrubbing dog hair out of upholstery. The basic wet vac side of it is brilliant and has washed the foulest things babies and animals could dish up out of our carpet for 15 years. Very strong suction and you can really flood vile things out of carpet in wet mode. If those are still available, would definitely recommend.

curlcrown, Oct 1, 3:54pm
How long did you have the Tellus? Mine just clapped out too, after a few years cleaning filthy cars. Mum bought it in the mid to late eighties and got upset when a part needed to be replaced about 15 years ago. You can still buy them new.

sr2, Oct 1, 3:58pm
Thanks guys, I'm looking at the lower end of the market. Need something light enough so I can get it on the boat for when I'm scrubbing out the bilges.

intrade, Oct 1, 5:01pm

zak410, Oct 1, 5:23pm
A good feature to have on a workshop vav imo, is a power point socket to plug electric tools in. Handy when doing sanding or similar.

budgel, Oct 1, 5:32pm
I second the Ozito. great value for money!

intrade, Oct 1, 6:51pm
ozito is Hella

frank1, Oct 1, 8:45pm
#12 Hella? is that intrade language?

kazbanz, Oct 2, 11:03am
for that kinda work cheap n nasty imp aint gonna cut it.

intrade, Oct 2, 7:53pm
type hella in google and hit search. i was told by hella automechanika germany that ozito is what hella is sold as in south pacific.

saki, Oct 3, 11:51am
Einhell Germany

tweake, Oct 3, 1:13pm
i doubt that.
might be possible they are part of the same parent company but it feels like they are independent and have another company contact manufacture for them which is common for small companies.

tho i did see a break down of some of the tool companies and its mind boggling how many brands are all owned by the same company. they had a list of ~100 brands and they where all owned by 3 companies.

intrade, Oct 3, 10:57pm
they are i have a einhell handheld compressor red same one gray ia sols as ozito. so i am quite sure that was accurate information.

intrade, Oct 3, 11:03pm
my one has einhell written where it says ozito

sr2, Oct 4, 12:00pm
Thanks again guys for all the advice.
I ended up buying one of these.


I'll report back when I've put it through its paces.

intrade, Oct 4, 9:23pm
let us know if it is any good later on

sr2, Dec 13, 2:01pm
Oops. ! (Looks like I got up someone's nose).

intrade, Dec 13, 8:18pm
strange . i sometimes think its a bot like on younoob. ps i did not see what you posted but i was thinking maybe i should get one before prices double.

gunhand, Dec 13, 8:27pm
I read what was posted, very good description of how well it worked and how well it "sucked"
We live in delicate times folks. And I'd imagine the old saying "pulls like a room full of . " would stress some soft members as well.

intrade, Dec 13, 8:55pm
be carfull thats pornogfrafic to a tob. its also why its better to misspell things so the A.i wont be able to decipher it

sr2, Oct 10, 9:59am
Thanks guys; in my naivety as an ex Romini College pupil I presumed my experience with the ability of young lasses from Carmel College (just down the road) to pull a good "vacume" was a forgoned conclusion.

Don't get me started re the antics of the choir master Brother Jackson, it's all over the news.

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