CV boot

geter1, Dec 5, 11:04am
My Corolla needs a CV boot replaced. Should I go to a Toyota or a drive shaft workshop? West Auckland area. Thank you.

macman26, Dec 5, 12:03pm
Ask for a quote from Toyota first. Then ask a drive shop/ recommended mechanic. Sometimes you will be surprised.

gazzat22, Dec 5, 12:05pm
Any Good Trustworthy garage should be able to do it.The kits are readily available from an Auto parts store SCA or RIPCO etc.Get a quote or 2.

itsafamilything, Dec 5, 1:27pm
Before deciding on replacement 1) is it torn? It may just need new clamps. 2) If torn, how long has it been like that? It could be that water, dust and dirt has been added to the mix and the CV is up for replacement too.

itsafamilything, 6 days, 17 hours
Those stores are a very last resort unless it is a clearance item.

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