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big.b-lil.c, Dec 31, 9:46pm
when you et a wof the speedo reading goes to nzta thay have computor programs watching for diesel's doing 0 or low km thay then fine you 3x the mileage thay think you have done (im told it will/has gone up to 6x) you allso have to pay to update the ruc's

marte, Jan 21, 12:05am
Is the needle 'twitching' or has it stopped moving!
If its twitching, its normally caught on something, or the square drive on the end of the inner cable has worn off.
If its stopped, maybe the cable has broken.

Getting to the back of the dash is real hard, harder to figure out the wee catch you have to trigger behind the dashboard though.

Normally they are easy to fix if the place has the right gear (crimper) & stock (inners & outers).

On my Cortina the end of the inner wore thru, I swapped the ends
of the inner to fix that.
I think the bit where it fits into the gearbox was broken (the ali around the socket had broken) & that let the outer cable slip out a bit & get offline with the gearbox.
That put pressure on the inner, which wore out.

wrong2, Dec 30, 6:18am
"im expecting $5 a gallon in 2013"

well an ex shell ceo of some type . only spoke for about 7 seconds. my guess is his type of appearance is a "softener" of sorts

neo_psy, Dec 30, 6:43am
$5 US Dollars!
That's what - about NZ$7!
A Gallon is ~4l or so
So $7 for 4l - $1.75/litre
So petrol will be cheaper in 2013!
Sweet, I'm gonna buy a V8.

ringo2, Dec 30, 6:53am
Well I think that you have screwed yourself up on this one.NZ$7.00 for 4 litres.sounds good to me!

wrong2, Dec 30, 7:13am
their petrol has just gone up to over $3 a gallon

ours isgoing to go up to match very soon - like janurary

if our petrol is $2 a liter whilst theirs was just under $3 a gallon , whats it going to be like at $5 a gallon

magoo2, Dec 30, 7:17am
Is that the retail price or what Shell expects to get!

wrong2, Dec 30, 7:19am
its what this talking head "ex-CEO" was mouthing on the news tonight - in relation to US petrol having just gone over $3 a gallon at the pump

horsygirl, Dec 30, 7:24am
$5 a litre sounds great.it gets the peasants and their smokey jap imports off the roads.

oldcobra, Dec 30, 7:24am
Time to sell the coon I think. Just as well my 5l/100km Peugeot 406 Tdi is in the driveway with a buggered speedo/odometer. Buggered if I know how to fix it either.

wrong2, Dec 30, 7:26am
$ 3.30 is what we would pay per liter

at current exchange/barrel rates

horsygirl, Dec 30, 7:45am
$3.30 USD per litre.bring it on.no more jap imports in front of me.

noswalg, Dec 30, 7:52am
why because they're so uneconomical!

wrong2, Dec 30, 7:53am
do NOT feed trolls

sky-dragon, Dec 30, 8:12am
I was in US before and found out that their petrol price was 50% cheaper than ours

im_andrew, Dec 30, 8:51pm
Dont bother fixing it, no odometer = no RUCs = even cheaper!

greghale, Dec 30, 9:08pm
What a lack of intelligence you have when it comes to mocking replies

mugenb20b, Dec 30, 9:10pm
Yeah right. People who can't afford to drink and smoke still drink and smoke regardless of the price.

leecol, Dec 30, 9:14pm
Do you people realise that a us gallon is smaller than the gallon measure we are use too.
1 us gallon = 3.78 litres
1 nz gallon= 4.54 litres

mugenb20b, Dec 30, 9:15pm
I drive jap imports myself, and when I see other jap imports in front of me, I just overtake them.or is your euro car not capable of achieving this!

aragorn2003, Dec 30, 9:33pm
We have middle men we have to pay to get our petrol , US dont. Why our government likes to take it up the ass with everything is beyond me

elect70, Dec 31, 2:30am
Price will drop come winter as US heating oildemand drops . Unless the oil cartel is colluding to fix priceso BP can pay the Billion $ in fines to US government for the enviromental damage from gulf oil spill .Na they wouldnt do that!

NZTools, Dec 31, 2:56am
when oil was $147.00usd per barrel, we were paying $2.30nzd per litre, and the mericans were paying just over $3.00 usd per gallon

Now oil is $89.00usd per barrell, and we are paying $2.00nzd per litre, and the mericans, $3.00usd per gallon!

Something doesnt add up.

pat56, Dec 31, 4:05am
Whoopee, up go my BP shares again.

wrong2, Dec 31, 4:31am
you freinds with that idiot !

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