Car hire/ borrow in Christchurch

gypsykam, Jan 12, 12:54am
does anyone know cheap car hire or a car borrow in Christchurch! need a 6 seater and so far car hire way too expensive. In Feb for 5 days.
Thanks for any help.

3tomany, Jan 12, 1:01am
we hired a car for 45 bucks a day in christchurch from apex rentals they have a web sight

gypsykam, Jan 12, 1:02am
thanks ill have a look :)

gypsykam, Jan 12, 1:06am
nothing available with Apex Rentals

3tomany, Jan 12, 1:08am
best of luck then im out of ideas

sukoshiman, Jan 12, 6:09am
I used to be an agent for many hire companies. February high season for multi-seats, not just for tourists, but many sporting events. Doubt u'd get cheap deal this time of year, but still worth calling round and comparing.Good luck

toyboy3, Jan 12, 6:22am
how much is way too expensive !

biddy6, Jan 12, 6:26am, have heard they are cheapish.

gypsykam, Jan 19, 9:33am
thanks for your comments :)

candy1213, Jan 8, 9:05am
affordablecar rentals christchurch ,toyota people mover,or a van with seats and belts
cheap in town

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