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skin1235, Jan 19, 10:05pm
sheeese whats got in your bonnet, you managed to miss the last sentence too
sell a lot of tyres do you, strange that all todays recommendations are that 6 yrs is not an unexpected life of a case
so you reakon aging them for 6 to 12 mths is going to ruin them!
calm down man, you're not the tyre police, and if you were you'd know a little more about your subject - like normal life of tyres
faark there are hundreds of tyre rackss full of tyres that by your standards are out of date and dangerous

rover79, Jan 19, 11:51pm
my concern is these people putting cheap tyres on, mainly imports. used to put these on my light truck. after faults showing up on them sometime down the track, never used them again. my guess is they already had faults that were hard to pick. my only concern now is other people using them. we probably get all Japans tyres that have been in accidents but still look good on the surface.

mr40cal, Jan 20, 8:10am
now your just pissing me off cheese
I was commenting on another poster stating that buying tyres and aging them for a year quadruples the mileage - it was then and still is a f.l.o.s
I almost can't be bothered replying to your dibble - almost
geeze you must be a chick tunt

mr40cal, Jan 20, 8:17am
yeah sold a few - ha ha - unfortunately 17 years in it and the retail public such as your self never fail to amaze me with your cock a mamey bollocks storys dreamt up when you drink booze - god knows where else the ideas come from
If you purchase a fresh tyre - i.e. less than 3 months from manufacture it is better in so many ways than a tyre a year or two older
if we listen to your crap, indy car, F1 and aussie V8's etc should all hang their tyres from the garage roof for a year to get better mileage and less pit stops - go and have a read you really need to
goodness gracious me, you need help - more help than I got for you

mr40cal, Jan 12, 8:07am
not that i really care anymore, but I fit around 40 - 50 truck tyres per week and have done for as long as I care to remember, and as a good service man/store owner keep very tidy records of such mileages - you must be talking of back in the day when people used a hot mould cure retread, or are you trying this line on modern cold cure preformed retreads!

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