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1ollie, Jan 13, 1:14pm
What I mean by no real problems is the 2 worst things that have happend have been a angry soccer mum in a big $ VW 4WD thing that told us we were "acting dangerously and endangering her comunitys lifes" when I tryed to have a quiet chat with her to inform her what & how we were doing she lost it and started yelling and ended up calling the police who came down about 15mins later we had a chat and he ended up watching us for about 10mins then carryed on his way and left us to be on the road that has about 4 cars go up it per hour and the second instance was a police officer came apon us one night when riding on a road that would be unlucky to have 1 car per hour after 11pm that the closest house is 2kms away from & he was very very angry instantly, telling us we were extremely dangerous to the public and accused us of all sorts including drink driving but after we all passed the breath test and kept patient he reliesed he was just fighting a uphill battle and left us to be.
We have never even had one close call with another vehicle on the road and the only injurys we have had was from going to fast or trying to hard for our own good but whats a few scrapes when your having that much fun!

But hey theres allways a sheltered pc guy to ruin the fun!

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