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richynuts, Jan 19, 5:40am
"We're here to rule the bends" lol. got to love those drift trikers!

twink19, Jan 19, 5:50am
they will end up stuck in a car grille, but what the heck

rsr72, Jan 19, 5:56am
What fun!
Wish I was there.
(we did something similar when we were kids).

socram, Jan 19, 6:39am
Looks great - and even the cop thought so!

wrxnz1, Jan 19, 7:11am
i can see it becoming very popular could become a new sport just need to build them a track now

aragorn2003, Jan 19, 7:17am
Hilerious stuff , looks like heaps of fun. Seen it on Nitro Circus awhile back.

Seems like you cant do anything fun in CHCH

1ollie, Jan 19, 7:18am
Its awesome fun! these idiots in Christchurch need to keep it lowkey and stop using them in stupid places at stupid times! I have been doing it for over a year and a half and never had any real problems.

socram, Jan 19, 9:14am
Some of the film looked like Chelsea Sugar works (Colonial Rd!) drive to me.

Hilarious and what the luge at Rotorua used to be like until they softened it.

1ollie, Jan 19, 9:17am

afer_daily, Jan 19, 7:02pm

jsbike, Jan 19, 8:52pm
good to see the police didnt strictly oppose it.

hutchk, Jan 19, 8:59pm

rod525, Jan 19, 9:05pm
We used to do something very similar in new subdivisions nearly 30 years ago on what were called Skidboards - great fun.

hamishcookie, Jan 19, 9:22pm
Does look fun, but If a car takes on of them out they wont stand a chance and being in the right or not isn't going to make it easier on some unsuspecting motorist, but I used to skate board on the foot path all the time as a kid and even got taken out by a car on a couple of occasions only skinned knees or what have you but still the drivers panicked at the sight of it, at the end of the day its not that much different. Boys need to be able to be boys cant keep boxing things up and stopping people having fun, no point is stifling creativity.

elvis58, Jan 19, 10:02pm
We did it with trolleys running gearbox bearings, taught good skid control. My kids had those each but it's too hard to find anywhere where they can have fun without creating the problems we are seeing here. The bikes are factory produced by Razor in a kids format called a scream machine.

1ollie, Jan 19, 10:18pm
It is pretty dangerous when it comes down to it if your just flying down a busy hill but it is easly managed with some safety precautions like car in front with a spoter watching behind keeping both rider and driver informed!

speedwayfan1, Jan 19, 11:09pm
Short of closing the road the best thing that can be done (without stopping the trikers) would be for them to make their own signs, put one at the top and bottom of the road they're riding on to warn motorists ahead of time, not when they're coming around a corner.

The ones in the video look pretty respectable and considerate of others, now that the.sport I guess, has been in the media, there will be a huge amount of retards doing it and spoiling it for the considerate ones.

iginoi, Jan 19, 11:28pm
Plus yay someone's having a good time in Chch,not much of that going on these days. On ya's. KEEP USING A SPOTTER CAR THOUGH

thejazzpianoma, Jan 20, 12:00am
This would be a great use of a piece of road that has been "rehabilitated" admittedly not many steep twisty roads of length in suitable areas are routed around but if something suitable came up it would be great to see transit or a council getting on to this.

You could of course seal off the ends of the road in such a way that there was no access for boy racers wanting to use it as a skid pad.

Its a pity these days that such things are not given official safe venues because no one wants liability if something goes wrong or someone complains.

rsr72, Jan 20, 12:33am
No-one wants 'safe' venues; that'll kill the fun.

rover79, Jan 20, 12:56am
I like that part *no real problems* so you had some close calls.
not everyone takes the same care and use spotters. Its my life that will be ruined, not your's because you wont be around to know.

socram, Jan 20, 5:51am
There is a difference between a safe venue and a controlled venue.

These lads seemed to use spotters so there was a degree of control, but safe! What is safe!A gentle slope that has no challenge and therefore no fun!Which rather defeats the object.

thelms, Jan 20, 5:54am
I think its good these guys have an interest better than burning up the streets in their rotary's etc

fordcrzy, Jan 20, 8:17am
mmmm so it's ok to ride a carbon fibre bicycle with all the lycra gear on, but not ok to ride a trike. big time double standard.

it looks like big time fun.i'd give it a go.

rob_man, Jan 20, 9:26am
The Auckland Domain hillclimb road would be ideal.

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