DIFF's, wellington, who are the guru's!

bigjerry, Jan 20, 10:46pm
Its time for the rear end in the old girl, out with the banjo, in with the 9 inch. Who are the guys to trust in Wellington. Thanks.

ofive, Jan 21, 1:53am
Howat engineering naenae. 5671471
They do diffs everyday, from conversions to rebuilds and everything in between.
The do trials trucks, drag cars, circuit cars and standard cars.

bigjerry, Jan 21, 2:00am
thanks mate. they sound like just the people.

bigjerry, Jan 21, 2:26am
so i just rang them, they sure do know a thing or 3 about diffs. I think the best option is for me to say "hey, heres my car, build me a diff using rah rah rah" rather than me source bits from all over the country. anyway, gonna get me a 9 inch.ooohhh yeah lovin the sound of that.

ofive, Jan 21, 2:55am
Cool. Best option is probably to go in and see Brian face to face. That way you can discuss what you want to do with the car street/drag etc and he will advise you the options.
They do heaps of 9 inch diffs so you will be sorted.
What car is it btw!

dodgee, 6 days, 1 hour
Brian shortened my 83/4 housing and installed spool, bearings and axles i supplied, very competative pricing and no hassle at all with there service.

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