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hayley_smith, Jan 19, 1:09pm
In auckland and unsure what a fair price is considering its not exactly a huge job & if it's better to swing by repco first and buy the actual sparks there! Just a lil Nissan Pulsar

redslapper, Jan 19, 6:33pm
round about 5 dollars a spark plug, no not a big job, just need a good rachet. should take 10-15minutes

iginoi, Jan 19, 6:39pm
Easiest to buy them and do it yourself, shouldn't be more than $7 per SPARK :) Got any mechanically-minded mates! Ask them to do it, 1/2 hour job at the most (including telling you how to do it for next time)

kazbanz, Jan 19, 6:53pm
Can I ask you -How do YOU know its not a huge job!The way I see it if you know how easy it is then why not do it yourself!
$30 for a set of plugs and maybee $15 for a "spark tool"

afer_daily, Jan 19, 7:06pm
Depends / do youwant put in elcheapoor splitfire / then its going to be a bit more thanthirty bucks .

iginoi, Jan 19, 11:20pm
Ha! Hopefully daddy runs a bank aye!

bigfatmat1, Jan 20, 5:09am
the sparks are stored in the coil. the plugs are like tap and the coil the storage tank. so one would change the coil

thejazzpianoma, Jan 20, 8:21am
Hayley, it might be a good idea to post what your car actually is. Most are easy but there are a few that are a right pig to access and its better to know if you have one of those before you get the bill.

Best of luck!

skyline_guy_r34, Jan 20, 8:26am
Quite clearly says just a lil nissan pulsar at the end of comment. Also its not an edited comment.

thejazzpianoma, Jan 20, 8:30am
Whoops, my bad. The ole eyes are not that great after an afternoon on the water. As you were!

mechnificent, Jan 20, 8:36am
Bourbon and water!

skyline_guy_r34, Jan 20, 8:49am
You live in matamata or something! They got that special sort of water that gets all the locals off their face haha!

hayley_smith, Jan 20, 8:52am
Geez, interesting responses! I know it's not a huge job (in most cases) as have seen them done on another car in under 10 mins, nope no rich daddy/trust fund or anything of the sort (any offers! I dream of being a lady of leisure ;) and would have a nicer car!

I have no tools bar a hammer and screwdriver set either and am not keen to do myself in any case. My mate that would usually help/has tools is outta town for a few weeks, lucky bugger.

Have been overcharged by garages in the past for simple stuff and just thought y'all would be able to give me a reasonable idea!

skyline_guy_r34, Jan 20, 8:54am
Ask some mates where they take their cars for servicing. Wait until you get a ripping report about great service and go straight to that garage. Any Half decent garage should be able to change 4 spark plugs on your car faster than they could make 4 cups of coffee.

skyline_guy_r34, Jan 20, 8:56am
Problem you may encounter is minimum of 30 mnin or 60 min labour charge.

If your keen for it. Ring a garage, tell them your story you want 4 spark plugs changed, ask if you bring in 4 correct spark plugs and a doz of tui one afternoon at 4.45pm can they do it!

hayley_smith, Jan 20, 9:01am
Maybe I should be cheeky and try that, I could increase my chances and make that some woodstocks out west ;p

jasongroves, Jan 20, 9:03am
Buy the plugs from Supercheap and get them to fit

skyline_guy_r34, Jan 20, 9:04am
I do have to ask, how do you know you need your spark plugs changed! Is it using too much fuel! Has a mate just told you they need changing! Or has a garage told you your spark plugs need doing!

jasongroves, Jan 20, 9:05am
Copied & pasted from S/C site;)
CHECK OR CHANGE THE PLUGS - Make a note of which plug lead goes to which plug and remove the leads from the plugs. Carefully unscrew each plug out of the head and examine them. A light brownish deposit is OK ??

hayley_smith, Jan 20, 9:22am
They didn't get changed when my mate serviced my mobile handbag last as I forgot to get them at repco with the oil, filters etc. Not sure when last done before that.

Also have had problems with car (not) starting a few times recently for no apparent reason which has never happened before, and do seem to go through a lil more gas come to think of it! Or could be just my heavy foot, lol

hayley_smith, Jan 20, 9:34am
And I wouldn't trust anyone from supercheap to tell me which aisle I could find wiper blades in, let alone touch my car!
I may be not mechanically minded but I do know unhelpful/unwilling/unknowledg-
eable when I encounter it.
Hence I go to repco when needed. Awesome staff that are beyond helpful and sometimes quite nice to look at.

jasongroves, Jan 20, 9:36am

jasongroves, Jan 20, 9:37am
Or STA Parts.

jasongroves, Jan 20, 9:37am
Or just fit them yourself.its not rocket science after;)

jasongroves, Jan 20, 9:41am

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