Recommendations for a Christchurch

likit, May 26, 2:06am
mobile tuner that specialisers in older model v8's.I have an XD with 351c that hasn't been running for 5 years(although started up & idled reguarly)Car is running roughly,backfiring,wondering if I might even have wrong fuel,currently putting 98 in it.

unclejake, May 26, 6:19am
Neil Stuart Automotive probably do a Ford call-out service.

Ask for the big gay Tahitian guy. He can set points and fix old cars. His name is James I think.

Just don't wear a hibiscus flower

zephyrheaven, May 26, 6:38am
Tahitian I may be, but callouts - come on UnK Im a family man now - you know what its like 60 hours work & 5 hours for the family (but thanks!) XX

franc123, May 26, 7:18am
Fresh fuel and an Italian tune up is what it needs, this means sucking the tank dry and starting again.Using old stale fuel and starting the thing cold and idling it over and over again is one of the best techniques known to man to foul up spark plugs me old son.Give it a good run.

likit, May 26, 7:25am
Thanks for advice,car is not warranted & rego on hold but,now I have time so decided to get it mobile so I can getWOF check done on it

robotix1970, Apr 4, 3:58pm
hi all,i kinda got a problem on my hands.,i got an uncle who is an earthquake victim who has got medical issues was going home last week and the engine died and wouldn't refire so we thought it might have been out of fuel but found the car had 1/4 of a tank of newish petrol in it,then checked the coil and but still no-go so we also did a spak-plug test with a newish plug and fould a intermittant spark so after teo days of getting nowhere we took it to a auto-spaeky and was told his fuel pump may have crapped itself on a 1994 ED futura and needs to buy another MPI fuel pump on the cheap side and winz won't help!. advise/help please