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hutchk, Apr 2, 1:36am
Last time I kept well left I ran over a couple of cyclists. Certainly learned that lesson the hard way, scratched the hell out of my car.

cjdnzl, Apr 2, 1:52am
There are several intersections in my city where there is room for two cars abreast with one turning left, one going straight ahead, but due to minimum lane width rules the council cannot mark two lanes.So they just let the 2 cars in one lane happen.It's like these damned abortions of raised crossings for pedestrians - they're everywhere in this city as well.They're not legal crossings, so cars have the right of way, but the peds think they have the right of way, and the council says 'courtesy rules'.Bollocks, and what's more unless you are doing only about 5k's they pound the shit out of my car's suspension.They've even got them on all four entries to roundabouts, it's difficult to cross them squarely due to the layout, so we get tossed from side to side as well as up and down when crossing over the bloody things.There's gotta be some right f-wits in road planning I reckon.They are probably all greenies who ride bikes and hate cars. Spare me.

johnf_456, Apr 2, 2:02am
So they just let the 2 cars in one lane happen: says who, it is not legal to my knowledge to muscle through imaginary lanes.

elect70, Apr 2, 2:23am
i drive close to centre line .at or above the speed limit ,always seem to be loose gravel on left side (on SH1)which chips the paint, our crappy roading .

therafter1, Apr 2, 3:06am
Crikey . what do you prefer, a few stone chips around the wheel arches or being the main man at your own funeral . I know which one I prefer !

marte, Apr 2, 3:45am
Looking at this thread I wonder where most of you (in general, people) learnt to drive in the first place.

First, you drive to the left of the centreline.
Not on the footpath, gutter or bicycle lane. That means there should be about a foot distance ( 304.8mm) between the centreline & your car.

You should indicate 3 Seconds BEFORE turning.
Thats not 3 seconds before actually turning the steering wheel!
Its 3 seconds before STARTING the maneuver.
ie, 3 seconds before looking to see if theres a car in the lane you intend to get into.
Or 3 seconds before maneuvering into the left or right turning lane.
Or 3 seconds before braking to maneuver into another lane.
Or 3 seconds before even lifting the foot off the Accelerator.

You should Back into a parking spot, it involves two turns of the steering wheel & one gear change, then the handbrake. Thats all.

You get taught how to drive by someone who can teach you how to drive.
Don't get taught how to drive by your mother,
she got taught how to drive by Her mother,
who learnt how to drive a horse & buggy,
& she still drives like that.
And so do you.

marte, Apr 2, 3:58am
Actually thats what I mean about driving a horse & buggy.
A horse & buggy has to start inline or on a long curve, not on a corner or it pulls the buggy sideways.
So what these people are doing is pretending to drive a horse & they want it to turn slow & then use gravity to pull the horse & cart into the gutter 'vee',
Once the front wheels are in the gutter, they stop to let everything keep up (backlash in the horse & cart).
When its stopped & at rest, they then drive the horses up the driveway & the cart gets towed up behind it.

marte, Apr 2, 4:10am
Somebody told me they were a great driver once.
So I covered the rear vision mirror & asked her "what colour is the car behind us!"

lookoutas, Apr 2, 6:06am
One thing has been established for sure.


johnf_456, Apr 2, 6:08am
No I do not hug the center line idiot, i keep left within my lane (ie not hugging towards the white center of the road to spell it out) and I do not invent lanes so do explain if you can read. One lane is strictly one lane, I do not make my own rules as i go on the road plain and simple. Now wonder accidents happen with an attitude like this of applying the rules you want to obey.

Obviously you must be one then right!

lookoutas, Apr 2, 6:42am
That worked well didn't it!

And then he has to revert to school-boy accusations.
Calm down man! Unless you are a woman! Hmmm.

johnf_456, Apr 2, 6:44am
Well don't make up crap.

lookoutas, Apr 2, 6:49am
We all know you have a good handle on that johnf.

Footy starts soon,so I'm off for a shower and out'v here.

johnf_456, Apr 2, 6:50am
Read, I do not hug the center line.

johnf_456, Apr 2, 7:05am
and you drive buses with this attitude! I agree about hugging the center lane but just because you want to invent a lane does not mean everyone else is comfortable breaking the rules to. I don't consider myself a policeman if others want to break the rules of the road go for it, but don't make me follow suit so you can.

lookoutas, Apr 2, 7:09am
All clean now, and just had to have a final look before shutting down.

Sorry john, it's just when I see the size of some of your rants, I do tend to skip on and miss some of the contents.
My fault.


johnf_456, Apr 2, 7:16am
Well considering the amount of people that blatantly disregard road rules and make there rules as they go, it does not amaze me why we have such poor drivers.

johnf_456, Apr 2, 7:18am
I dob in the odd driver, especially out my way the amount of stupid shit they do, pulling out causing cars to take evasive action, driving over kurbs making a mess in the mud especially in the winter when B trains have no issues at all.

johnf_456, Apr 2, 7:22am
Firstly Auckland and traffic flow should not be used in the same sentence especially during peak times. Secondly I do not see how the driver who follows the rules of the road a bad driver. So we have to break the rules of the road making our rules as we go to be professional. If thats the case may as well scrap every rule / law and let everyone decide what they want to do. Hand me the tui, oh wait I already have some in the fridge.

johnf_456, Apr 2, 7:26am
I'm sure you are , but as they say the morons give the good ones a bad name. Just as long as your not the sort who thinks you have right way of regardless because your a bus even it involves blocking a road and make traffic que while waiting for the traffic to clear on the other side.

johnf_456, Apr 2, 7:29am
Yeah if you have your own bus lane to use, but yeah really route dependent.

fordcrzy, Apr 2, 9:23am
i will never forgetthe time i witnessed a near miss head on after there was a tractor driving towards us at 30 kmh and the oncoming traffic was coming across the center line just a foot or so to pass it.

all the cars in front of me just happily pulled over a bit to the left and everything was totally unstressfull and safe. UNTIL.

the muppet in front of me who must have been "sleep driving" stayed pinned to the center line and only at the LAST MILLISECOND did they swerve left.
it was like some great surprise to them that for the last 10- 15 seconds or so all the cars in front of him had been moving left and there was oncoming traffic slightly in his lane. the whole road was about 5-6 car widths wide.

fordcrzy, Sep 20, 6:48pm
oh yes and its
"indicate THEN brake"
not the other way around!

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