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doomy999, Apr 1, 8:38am
i wonder how many times some of you in here have or have thought about overtaking on the inside due to a slow driver hugging the centerline.
Or have struggled to overtake due to some ignorant prat that hugs the centerline regardless of speed.
Probably far more of a problem than actual speedsters. Time the cops started clamping down on the clowns. There's way too many of them.


johnn, Apr 1, 8:49am
I learnt to drive & always drove as far as reasonable to the lefthand side of the road but more recently they have put rumble strips along the sides of many roads forcing me closer to the centreline. I would prefer myself or any oncoming person to go off the lefthand side of the road & crash rather than the right hand side & having a head on. I don't think the rumble strips are a good idea.

johnf_456, Apr 1, 8:51am
These sort of people are your typical tail gaters and speedsters up here in Auckland.

supernova2, Apr 1, 9:05am
Rumble strips there for myoptic idiots who dont know where the left side of their vehicle is!

boss_hogg, Apr 1, 9:54am
couldn't argree more! rumbles are for the centreline

pollymay, Apr 1, 12:12pm
But but the rumble strips on the left are to protect those that drive tired or drunk. What did they ever do to you!!!!!!

74nova, Apr 1, 6:51pm
I find on the open road most people stay left or move left if your coming up behind them. It's around the city that people seem to think they dont have to move over for some fcuked up reason. It pisses me of too, but flash your lights behind them and they didn't know what your trying to tell them. Ignorant or draindead!

mrfxit, Apr 1, 9:12pm
Theres so many varibles regarding "stay left or stay right" so .
As long as I am keeping up with either, the traffic flow or already doing the posted legal limit, I will stay in the CENTER of my lane.

By being in the center, you even out the possible problems of being hit/ hitting rubbish or passed from either side.
Gives me a little bit of room to play with on both sides instead of plenty on 1 side & NONE on the other.

mrfxit, Apr 1, 9:14pm
The old "stay as far left as practical" option is a hanger on from the OLD days of no center/ lane markings & narrow roads plus generally lower speeds
Of course, there are exceptions but as far as basic straight roads go.

helpless, Apr 1, 9:14pm
No spatial awareness some people.think they are driving a bus not a car. Same idiots who when turning left into any road deem it necessary to stay about two meters from the curb.No style,,no brain,,useless drivers.

and the same brainless pods who don't use the proper entry exit points on sweeping corners.Always in the center these idiots due to some dislike of left rumbles and left run off zones.Just inadequate useless nanas really.Watch trucks go round bends and they are always over the left runoff zone,,that's what it's for.easier and faster exit of bends.(less rollover chance) Park in it at your peril when I'm in a hurry.

socram, Apr 1, 9:52pm
Have you noticed that the centre line huggers on the open road, always keep well left at traffic lights, to prevent cars filtering past on the inside, for
the free left turns!

Agree about the lack of spatial awareness though, but it is also a lack of consideration for other road users - usually through total ignorance.

johnf_456, Apr 1, 9:59pm
why should they, do youmean inventing an imaginative lane on the left. I.e one lane that goes left and straight ahead but limited by the traffic signal. Then on some road driving in the cycle lane to turn left 100m plus before the turn.

If it is the case nothing wrong with it, you don't just go inventing lanes and parking spaces out on the road you obey whats there. Or if you mean 1 car in 2 physical lanes dis regard above.

helpless, Apr 1, 10:11pm
Yes I have.but I wouldn't put that down to just centreline huggers.Half your car in one lane half in another seems normal for some people.You see the same thing on the open road where there's a crawler lane for trucks.Will the slow car driver pull into that and allow you room to pass as a truckie would do,,Not on your nelly.No brain useless drivers with a total lack of consideration for others.Rule followers.I cannot do that because it's not in the book.,or I can do that because it's in the book so to hell with the rest of you.

socram, Apr 1, 10:23pm
John, in many cases, the road approaching the traffic lights widens as you approach towards the free left turn.Too many drivers going straight ahead, block that lane, when they could just as easily move to the right of their own lane.Totally legal and common sense.

It is particularly frustrating when the traffic light phases are so long and you are stuck, not able to make a free left turn because the moron going straight ahead doesn't consider the traffic behind wanting to turn left. Unfortunately, most drivers seem totally unaware of their actions.

The other ignorance is those who stop so far behind the traffic light stop line, that they aren't far enough forwards to activate the lights via the inground sensors, so you miss out on a complete phase!

helpless, Apr 1, 10:27pm
""The other ignorance is those who stop so far behind the traffic light stop line, that they aren't far enough forwards to activate the lights via the inground sensors, so you miss out on a complete phase!""

Yes.you see that everywhere and the dumb p.k parked a full car length behind the one in front at lights.Asians are particulaly prone to it. I mean what the hell is with that.Spatial awareness again I say.I'm often tempted to roar in in that space when in my car.I always do it when on a bike.It's as you say just lack of consideration for people behind you.,,eg.I got through the lights but you didn't due to these gap nutters and slow reaction twats.

johnf_456, Apr 1, 10:30pm
Part 1: how is driving 2 cars in one lane fully legal, especially for insurance purpose, yes it could of been 2 lanes. But inventing a lane is not the way about it, its no different to me driving past you while your doing 50k an hour keeping left. If one lane is there its one lane, not worth the headaches if a crash were to happen. Just like people that invent parking on footpaths and kurbs damaging it. I highly doubt inventing lanes is legal, if it was, what would be the point in lanes full stop. Yes some lanes could fit 2 cars but why not raise that issue with the council.

therafter1, Apr 1, 10:37pm
They are called ???slow vehicle bays???, not ???slow truck bays??? ! . in other words they are not provided specifically for trucks, but also for the doodles dawdling up and down this country??

mrfxit, Apr 1, 10:51pm
LOL ding^^

helpless, Apr 1, 10:53pm
Whatever.We (good drivers)know what they are for,,Whether they are called one thing or another means freak all.,,and I didn't call them either.

johnf_456, Apr 1, 10:54pm

socram, Apr 2, 12:21am
John , you are totally missing the point.When a road widens far enough to allow traffic a free left turn, maybe you haven't noticed that they NEVER paint a white line to designate the left boundary of the straight ahead lane.There is no need.The road widens from one lane to two to allow the left turn, otherwise there would be no free left turn!

I think you are being deliberately obtuse for the sake of it.There is a huge difference between illegal lane splitting and the scenario I have painted.Or, are you one of those morons who block the free left turn lanes!

Yes, there are many occasions where there could be two lanes but the councils choose to splash a bit of white paint just a few metres before the lights.If I am turning right, I hug the centre line,If I am turning left, I hug the kerb.I make my intentions quite deliberate in an effort to show other road users that they may indeed overtake on the left or right as they so choose.I see nothing wrong with that.#13 says it like it is.Just because there isn't a bit of white paint does mean that it isn't safe to form two lanes.

Onewa Rd is a classic example.It has to be one of the widest roads in this area, but the only white lines heading up the road are before traffic lights.Dumb motorists sitting across two theoretical lanes make it a one lane road and cause extra congestion in the afternoon rush hour.

It is quicker to get from West Auckland to the bottom of Onewa Rd, than it is to get up the road.

loose.unit8, Apr 2, 12:31am
If there's only one marked lane then why do you assume it's your right to muscle your way through!Surely it is illegal!If one lane was supposed to be treated as two "theoretical" lanes why is it not painted as such!
Where is the line where it becomes "passing on the left"/undertaking!

johnf_456, Apr 2, 12:36am
Plain and simple if there is I've lane painted it means the road is one lane. inventing lanes is not legal, yes there is dumb things out on the road. But deciding what you want to obey and ignore is not the way especially if someone was to get side swiped. if the council wanted it two lanes they would paint it, but having people who think they know best is not the way.

Rules are rules,while I agree some are dump picking and choosing is not the way to go. I agree with you but to me and many drivers rules are rules. Simple be patient, personally why not fight for it be changed with the people that did the road.

And yes it is lane splitting, you are turning one lane into two inventtive lanes.

johnf_456, Apr 2, 12:39am
Ding ding, just like people that park where they feel like it. Or the sort that drive half on the road half the kurb to make a turn damaging the path / grass. You even have rocks and poles to stop people trying there luck. Simple wait or ditch auckland if you can't handle waiting.

therafter1, Apr 2, 1:15am
I didn??

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