And a Harleys handling is what?

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i-n-horz, Jul 28, 12:21am
With all due respect to the riders impeccable riding ability it would be hard to expect the same agility from a sports bike.

dave653, Jul 28, 12:46am
Damn, thats impressive! Wonder how much of the foot plates was left!

jono450, Jul 28, 2:51am
now thats skill rite there very impressive (rite out with the roadcones lol)

sr2, Jul 28, 3:08am
Thanks for posting the clip, I've fowarded it to some fellow motorcyclists. Great display of riding skills, I suspect that the bike he was riding was more of a hindrance than a help! Get the impression the guy would be pure poetry in motion on a trials bike!

buyme3, Jul 28, 4:57am
umm not a hard thing to to with those footplates, same as putting trainer wheels on the back, take them off and see how he does

jono450, Jul 28, 5:38am
there had to be some one

purple666, Jul 28, 5:43am
I take it you have never riden a bike with running boards on it.
Anyone that has will know what I am getting at.

jono450, Jul 28, 5:47am
yeh hahaha some people have no idea man.

steelman3, Jul 28, 5:49am
wow really better get me some running boards then.

wrong2, Jul 28, 5:51am
hot damn that was an impressive display - thats where being in the saddle every day will get you

obviously a guy who knows his personal ride backwards

vet378, Jul 28, 6:54am
That's impressive !

gunhand, Jul 28, 6:59am
There was a clip on here a we while ago showing jap or chinese girls on what appeared to be st1300s doing the same thing. Still very impressive but i think the foot plates aided to it in some way. Clever riders on any bike are impressive as arule.

flat_white_ltd, Jul 28, 7:01am
he looked pretty relaxed, too.not one mistake.awesome skills, cool clip.

pnh4, Jul 28, 9:59am
Very thorough riding. click "next" on that link see a crack-up, watching how thorough a baby can be just playing with all his toys.

klrider, Jul 28, 7:45pm
OMG are you trying to tell us this means they handle well! the reason this clip is so amazing is because its a Harley. Fine bike for the right rider and style, but paaaleeessse dont try and pretend its what its not.

pauldw, Jul 28, 9:29pm
You could hear the foot plates touch occasionally but he wasn't grinding them. The course would have been designed so a Harley police bike could do it. Years ago I someone telling me a few of the pedestrian short cuts in Wellington that the traffic cops couldn't follow you up.

crzyhrse, Jul 28, 9:31pm
That's not handling any more than pushing a shopping trundler around a supermarket.
Here's some real harley 'handling'. Hahaha!v=whVXD3ex9DA&feature=related But seriously, check this out.!v=0nrMQ3QwyPo

sr2, Jul 28, 10:54pm
I couldn??

gedo1, Jul 28, 10:59pm
The footplates on the Police spec Harleys fold upwards when they are grounded - the idea being that this will stop them "propping" against the surface and thus lifting the tail end of the 'cycle.Any one who has ridden a Harley with footplates will tell you this.As for them helping the handling. HUH!This is a professional who uses a Harley for his job and who knows how to ride them.Great clip!Rider not the bike!

mrdog69, Jul 29, 1:08am
Thanks guys, that just wasted over two hours on UTube looking at random bike clips.Now I really have to do some work.

doug207, Jul 29, 5:03am
Can get a wee bit scary when you deck 'em out quite hard.

frytime, Jul 29, 7:12am
omfg, thats awsum. how many cones do you need to make a track tho!

trogedon, Jul 29, 7:31am
Great riding on the GWing.
Funny hearing the occupants of the mini van "they'll beat us up" etc.

i-n-horz, Jul 29, 9:15am
Lol.yeah.well I kind'a follow the old adage that 'A good worker never blames his tools' so in the right hands the right tool will do the right job the combination resulting in a procedure done to perfection which is evident in the clip I posted.
If either the bike,rider or course were not at their optimum the execution of the performance would've failed which is clearly evident in the first clip you posted.failure of the rider knowing his own ability I would suspect.

serf407, Jul 29, 9:39am
Chris Birch has had his Dakar Rally (Argentina to Peru 2012) entry accepted.
Since the riders are limited to the 'small' bikes now should be better for him.