And a Harleys handling is what?

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oliver6, Jul 29, 10:49am
He is fantastic, NZ's best professional sportsman. I am just about to pick up a new KTM 300. He is my idol !

dore2, Jul 30, 2:07am
Harley D An expensive piece of agricultural macinery.(Stands back to put out flames)

quickstitch, Aug 6, 5:48am
bumping so i can find it tomorrow to show my workmate

i-n-horz, Aug 6, 6:20am
Here'r.I'll up'r cut it for'ya.

bimota, Aug 6, 7:35am
having had an electra glide that slow speed handling is not difficult to achieve due to the reverse make up of the triple trees (ie the stem is in front of the forks) on these harleys. as such they are very easy to "throw about".

urbanrefugee54, Aug 6, 9:00am
ex partner [rick] with me on back on an semi riggedelectroglide [hated the enclosed rear seat] used to do very well at the barrel racing against other bikes including an ex trials rider [Mark]. it's a combination of rider skills & a well balanced bike.

urbanrefugee54, Aug 6, 9:02am
on a muddy grass track. they will slide sideways like any other bike though.

74nova, Aug 6, 10:15pm

haha.looks like a time lapsed video of a maggot.

i-n-horz, Sep 16, 6:08pm
Ha-ha-ha what a crack-up.check the guy out with the extended front-end.hard fun.