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kazbanz, Dec 8, 11:05am
Just a thought here.-Is there a sweet smell inside the cabin?

tony9, Dec 8, 11:43am
If it has been flooded then the consequences are significant.

totalimp, Dec 8, 11:57am
Thats only for imported water damaged vehicles isn't it? This isn't an imported vehicle, it's nz new.

Sorry just reread. Interesting, there's no obvious water level in the photos. I guess the panel beater will be able to define this for us? *sigh* we aren't experts, i barely know how to cook a meal. What counts/defines as flooded?

totalimp, Dec 8, 12:00pm
Don't think so. It did smell, OH went and bought an air freshner for it. I don't know if it was a sweet smell, i've only been in it twice lol.
Dealer has asked us to take to to a panel beater for an assessment so hubby is getting onto that today. The first panel beater said they needed it for 4 hours to assess properly but dealer asked us to pick another panel beater as he didn't think that was right. We've got one we trust booked in this arvo. Dealer seems happy to repair which is good. Will see what the assessment comes back as

carstauranga001, Dec 8, 12:32pm
1. You spent 30K
2. You got an accident damaged and repaired vehicle?
3. Dealer did not disclose damage.
4. Test drove before flood and didn't notice wet?
5. After delivery (and flood) carpet very wet.

Yes, you are correct to have the vehicle professional checked to see if the above lines up. If it does I would reject the vehicle. It is not fit for purpose or of a quality a reason able customer would expect a 30k car top be. Those are the words to use in your rejection letter. You keep it and I recon it will be trouble down the line.

kazbanz, Dec 8, 12:38pm
The reason I ask is that a sweet smell is the glycol in the coolant. it did occur to me the possibility of a heater leak.
Actually I would tend to think that four hours would be a reasonable time to keep the car. That isn't likely to be chargable hours just how long they need it to getit on the hoist possibly the table even and do the investigations needed

tony9, Dec 8, 1:17pm
No, it is for any vehicle at re-entry or wof inspection.

franc123, Dec 8, 1:21pm
That reminds me of a car I had to repair many years ago, 2yo car got a heater leak, still under warranty. Warranty repair sheet got printed off, started the job, got the dash out, pulled the heater box out, found it was cracked! The reason it was cracked was the box had been distorted which also did the heater core no favours, the reason it was distorted was the firewall was also distorted! Bloody thing had received a good whack in the LHF A pillar area at some point in its short life. Boss did some spade work and found out it was a repaired writeoff than an insurance assessor had sold to himself , accidentally forgot to deregister (yeah right) and got a mate to fix cheap then the cheeky sod decided he was going to claim factory warranty for his wee issue before onselling it. They're out there.

totalimp, Dec 9, 10:05am
Just an update if anyone is interested, we've formally rejected the vehicle. Emailed the dealer this morning following a phone call last night with them. Hopefully it goes smoothly.
Basically the panel beater we saw said it's been really badly repaired, there was extensive flooding in the footwell which will likely impact the airbags, sensors and electronics, and they recommended returning it to the dealer for a thorough inspection to see whether it could be repaired to factory specification. OH jumped on the phone and said we intend to reject the vehicle and once we had the email from the panel beater we'd forward it on accordingly.
Given they aren't local, would we be expected to take it up to them? If they accept the rejection, how long is reasonable for a refund? Assuming they'd refund the purchase price even though we traded in? I don't want to be pushy or annoying cause i know it's awful for them aswell, but at the same time we have to sort another vehicle which means travelling somewhere this weekend with two kids to find something.
And how do you do PPI's in another region when you can only travel on the weekend?

sw20, Dec 9, 10:12am
PPIs can be done via a mobile outfit like Incar or someone like Car Inspection Services can collect, check the vehicle over, take photos and report back.

That’s how my late father bought one of my mothers old cars a few years ago out of Auckland.

intrade, Dec 9, 10:14am
good you need to do it all by the books- - The dealer will need to take the lawyer to court . It also highlights as to why dealer need to ask a lot more money then private sellers should get. AS some cars dealers have to totally write off as loss so they cant just make a living on a few hundy per car.

totalimp, Dec 9, 10:24am
We are looking at a vehicle from a dealer in christchurch, comes with a 2 year mechanical warranty. if this all pans out we might try head down on Friday and drive it back on saturday. I guess we need to orgnaise a PPI before that and hope it pans out

intrade, Dec 9, 10:33am
ppi is only as good as the person doing it. if you get somone who goes to work to just be present and collect wages on the fact they are present. then you may as well not waste that money.
i know of a recomendation ppi done that guy could not do it another guy did it and they failed to mention the front rim had a dent that i could see from 5 meter away.
plus the boot lid did not close propperly when it was at my shop i lifted the tray and found it was still accident damaged . i moved the adjuster so it would close after i given it a nudge with the 10 ton press.
So much for ppi

totalimp, Dec 9, 10:37am
So do i just leave the PPI and hope i don't end up in this situation again lol.

kazbanz, Dec 9, 11:01am
NO !
Its like stories about any "trade" --doctors.mechanics,builders etc They do on occasion make mistakes. But on the whole a PPI will pick up issues.
To be honest if spending 30k I would have had the local franchise dealer do the inspection.

totalimp, Dec 9, 11:11am
We bought the mux of a local isuzu dealer. lol
But noted, will look for one in chch and see if we can get one done if we end up looking at this on

tony9, Dec 9, 11:54am
Ask how much it would be without the 2 year mech warranty. Bear in mind that the CGA will protect you without you having to get it serviced at specific locations or having to pay an excess. CGA will likely cover more than the warranty does.

gazzat22, Dec 9, 12:00pm
Presumably you live in CHC now. What i would do is. Contact the dealer and advise you are very interested but require a PPI to be done( at your expense) by a reputable company. Ask for a written copy of the report to be Emailed to you.then if its OK take it from there re purchase, if not its saved you a wasted trip. Over to you.

kazbanz, Dec 9, 12:23pm
THAT ^^^^^ is really terrible advice. Particularly in todays environment.
scenario 1) the dealer pulls the pin and closes. Once the company has gone theres no comeback.
Senario 2) its more that the period where its "fair and reasonable" for the dealer to fix the vehicle. At which point the owner is responsible.
IMO on a 7 year old 130k vehicle that's anywhere between 6 and 12 months.--based on MVDT decisions where its gone to them.

totalimp, Dec 9, 12:28pm
Nope i live in the north island. But yeah we will get a PPI done regardless of where we buy. If we buy from another region we'll just get a PPI and get it shipped

kazbanz, Dec 9, 12:40pm
So sorry but it isn't that simple. You have sent formal communication formally rejecting the vehicle (verbal doesn't cut it sorry)
E mail/letter/text message you can keep real track of but verbal gets into he said/she said if it turns nasty.
The dealer then has to accept your rejection. (or not) and completely unwind the deal.This involves returning your trade in vehicle to you.
For your sake Im hoping this ^^^^ is academic and they just unwind and return your old car. You DO need to return the vehicle to the dealer and there can't be any extra damage ie a ding in a bumper etc.
If NOT then your next step is to immediately lodge a MVDT claim.-pretty easy to do.
BUT --as I explained to another poster there IS another option. A path that will be easier to have happen.
Tell the dealer you simply LOVE the make/Model/Year. You don't blame them as they no doubt traded the car in good faith (even if you do) so have they got/got access to the same vehicle. That is likely to be an easier option for you.

On the rejection front. The beaters report in itself is going to be fairly damning, but to bolster your case I would apply at VTNZ/AA etc for ownership history of the vehicle and see if the last owner is happy to tell what happened to the car.

totalimp, Dec 9, 12:43pm
He had a buyer lined up for the trade in vehicle so i don't think it's available. The dealer has accepted the rejection and is arranging a transporter to pick the car up, he's asked for banking details to refund the full purchase price as per sales agreement so it all seems to be ok so far, thankfully. Good lesson learnt.

tony9, Dec 9, 2:00pm

tony9, Dec 9, 2:04pm
The tribunal decisions invariably require the seller to arrange collection of defective goods as that is what the CGA and related law requires.

Dealer looks to be recognising that you are only requesting that which you are legally entitled. Better to do it up front than to get the publicity of a Disputes Tribunal decision.

And note that "faulty repairs", the apparent cause of your issue, are not covered in most mech warranty polices.

sw20, Dec 9, 3:05pm
You lacking comprehension tony?

Sure for the average punter mechanical breakdown insurance is a waste of money, but not for the situations that Kaz specifically outlined.

Dealer goes broke in 12 months, a week later your car has a major failure. What are you going to do about it?

Two years down the track, your $8000, 150,000km cars transmission starts to cause problems. Not the dealers problem anymore. At some stage the punter needs to wear the cost of a used car.

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