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nice_lady, Dec 9, 3:13pm
Tough titty on that one. The vehicle is beyone 'reasonable' at that age and useage anyway.

kazbanz, Dec 9, 10:24pm
if the deal is being unwound that includes the return of your trade in vehicle. That's the way it works. If you are happy with getting the cash equivalent then hey why rock the boat.

kazbanz, Dec 9, 10:29pm
Strangely these "experts " NEVER have to put money where mouth is when it comes to their advice. OR pick up the pieces when some poor suckers (for example) VAG dsg gearbox invariably dies.
I don't and never will advocate a MBI on every make/model. Others you know are going to be an issue for the owner. soon

kazbanz, Dec 9, 10:32pm
which is why you need a warranty on it.
On the "dealer closes up" front. have you seen how many companies have folded in the past few months. --seen the empty car yards around town? Taken note of the steady decline in dealer numbers?

totalimp, Dec 10, 8:23am
I'm not rocking the boat? I'm happy either way. last thing i want is this to go pear shaped, we are genuinely gutted. And have no interest in making this hard for anyone, especially the dealer. We have said this to them and thanked them aswell

nice_lady, Dec 10, 9:32am
No but I imagine you are correct. I guess some kinda warranty might be an idea but you'd have to VERY carefully read the fine print as they often have so many exclusions the coverage is pitiful.

3tomany, Dec 10, 9:40am
Well put Kaz.

intrade, Dec 10, 10:16am
Thats a interesting fact. My advise would be to sell low milage 2000 imports as they are all sold within 1 week of listing on here for 10 and more grand . The reasons i stated more then once when the 2014 toyota they own cost 9 grand in repair and 3 month wait time on parts then they gladly spend 10k on a year 2000 with low milage to only have oil and filters for the next 5 years as service items. i wonder if that 99 noah 4wd will be sold before the dealer answers my question what engine code it has. if it has no E in the code i go buy it pain to have 6 month wof but so be it i need a vehicle that is reliable and only old stuff is.

kazbanz, Oct 11, 7:01pm
Sounds like you have grabbed best possible outcome.
is there nothing they have in stock that would suit?

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