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tony9, Aug 28, 3:47pm
But Police now are using no tolerance on speeding. None us speed anyway, we are far too sensible.

saxman99, Aug 28, 4:07pm
The revenue stream must be suffering. The only thing handing out tickets for 101km/h on the motorway will achieve is pi$$ing everyone off.

cjohnw, Aug 28, 4:11pm
How long will it be before the first court challenge comes?

pauldw, Aug 28, 4:19pm
They will say it was a great success without mentioning any of the traffic reduction during this year's covid lockdowns.

tamarillo, Aug 28, 4:21pm
This, someone needs to challenge it with the need for speedo to be accurate.

slarty45, Aug 28, 4:30pm
Red VW van has a cunning spot just past a downhill section.
Should be a good earner from drivers who do not have adaptive cruise control.

curlcrown, Aug 28, 4:58pm
Seems like I've seen way more speed camera vans than usual over the past week or so, even covering far less mileage than usual. Seems like they have to compensate for the reduced traffic volume some how.

tgray, Aug 28, 5:08pm
Since most people stick to the speed limit now or close to it, it's the only way to continue to generate revenue.

s_nz, Aug 28, 5:32pm
It is very unlikely there is any basis for any legal challenge. Police already run no tolerance in places like outside schools.

All the police gear (police car speedo's, monitoring equipment is calibrated regularly).

The accuracy of the speedo in the general public's vehicles is the problem of the driver. In reality the vast majority under-report speed by 4 - 10%.

Also, who is going to bother contesting the laughably small fine of $30 for 1-10 km/h over the limit?

bumfacingdown, Aug 28, 6:19pm
Great, another cost to motorists, have to have speedo calibrated regularly

bill1451, Aug 28, 6:26pm
ohh really have you not found the cruise control button on your steering wheel.

bumfacingdown, Aug 28, 6:41pm
Hard to when the car is not equipt with cruise control

tamarillo, Aug 28, 6:43pm
wondering if a lawyer with a beef might contest and argue that since a Speedo only has to be accurate within 10% (I think) there is no way they can have known they were doing 104.

tony9, Aug 28, 6:45pm
Would the fact that the speedo would have been reading 110 - 115 Kph not be a clue?

tamarillo, Aug 28, 6:47pm
what’s cruise got to do with it. Reading car tests one usually sees real speed at least 5% different to speedo. I’ve just changed to different sized sprocket on my motorbike, down one tooth, which will change gearing and therefore actual speed but not speedo reading. Until I get round to testing it against gps I’ve no idea how close speedo is now.

reb53, Aug 28, 6:47pm
Not if it's reading 96k and you're actually doing 96 + 9.6.

bumfacingdown, Aug 28, 6:49pm
" only has to be accurate within 10% (I think)"
And there in lies a problem, urban myth or fact?

marte, Aug 28, 6:52pm
That's pretty much impossible down to less than 1%.
Different weights in the car, different tyre pressures, tyre wear, tyre temperatures will all change the diameter of the tyre & therefore the measurement of rotation.

What's the tolerance in a Speedo camera setup ?, hand held setup?

I know that the roadside speed signs are wildly inaccurate & nobody who drives more than a couple of cars ever, could be expected to know the actual speed the cars going compared to the Speedo.
Mine are very close, less than 2kms, but somebody elses is 10 km/h out @ 100 kmh & 7 @ 50 & 5 @ 80 km/h. It's a Toyota.

The only time I have got caught was driving a work truck which had just had a gearbox replaced & the Speedo was out of sync with the correct road speed.
Not happy about that.

tony9, Aug 28, 7:18pm
There appears to be no hard standard in NZ, but AA refers to international standards. Typical one here.
"From July 1 2006 a new standard began its phase in and by 1 July 2007 all new vehicles had to comply. The new standard requires that:

The speedo must not indicate a speed less than the vehicle’s true speed or a speed greater than the vehicle’s true speed by an amount more than 10 percent plus 4 km/h.
Odometer accuracy is no longer defined."

tony9, Aug 28, 7:21pm
In which case it fails international standards for accuracy. It must never read slower than the actual vehicle speed. A lower reading invalidates the whole point of the speedo which is to ensure you can reliably remain below the posted speed limit.

lakeview3, Aug 28, 7:23pm
I have my overspeed set on 100 and I hardly ever go over it. If I do it tells me and I drop back to 99.

intrade, Aug 28, 7:49pm
dirt 4 on steam is 7 bux something should be good with logitech g27 on my linux debian.

bumfacingdown, Aug 28, 7:50pm
That makes "Not if it's reading 96k and you're actually doing 96 + 9.6." a pie in the sky for the majority of vehicles then

bwg11, Aug 28, 8:11pm
I still think it is revenue gathering because of the places the police patrol. I was ticketed yesterday for 115 kph - not denying the fact I was exceeding 100 kph, but it was on a wide 4 lane, slightly down hill long straight. These places, like the ends of passing lanes are their favourites. Don't tell me that these places are accident hot spots, they are simply best for getting their quota of tickets, accident reduction and road safety are irrelevant.

bumfacingdown, Aug 28, 8:14pm
" their quota of tickets"
How many is that?

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