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zephyrheaven, Jan 21, 9:19am
Well, its 2 weeks into the years work & Im knee deep again

I really like 'Southern Mechanical' Im from the deep south & like the rest of the globe down that latitude, we have a different bent on things compared to northerners - I think thats why I get on with my customers so well, they appreciate someone real

The confederate flag might be a push at the crux of designing the new signage! hmmmm

biddy6, Jan 21, 7:58pm
Revolutions, or Rebel Autos.

tmenz, Jan 21, 8:19pm
Shortens to Smech - sounds like.

flitt, Jan 21, 10:46pm
'Dirty Hands'

petermcg, Jan 21, 11:10pm
Shakey Motors
Agents for Money.

whqqsh, Jan 22, 12:23am
Rattle Inn. Cruise out
Mechanical Advantage

bazza102, Jan 22, 4:15am
hi zeph. i guess goodwill was never paid but if it was some of it would be for the name. would mean you are tossing money away. always be wary when accountants and bank managers want to buy a business. get them to show you the colour of there money. the garage worked well before, you made it better. just spend the name change money on junior and mrs oh and have a tui on me

zephyrheaven, Jan 22, 4:47am
Hi Bazz, yep that old thing about goodwill - the thing is, Ive been there for all of the goodwill to be built up, I fixed the cars, I made the name better, I did the hard yards in the end - it should have been my name up there. The name wont make a difference I can basically bet on that, people still turn up & ask - Um Im looking for James! Nobody asks for Neil & frankly Im sick to death of arriving at work like its 9 years ago thinking "jeez - that name above the door has the same font as 'the goodies' I guess the guy running it must be ancient"

I never paid a cent for goodwill, but got the entire client base updated to my Synergy programme - started sending WOF reminders (after everyone complained we didnt) & things went off from there

richynuts, Jan 22, 5:19am
well what about "come a car zee"!

senitor11, Jan 22, 10:50pm
"ALL-CARZ Automotive"

zephyrheaven, Dec 2, 7:30am
I bought a named business, its been 12 months - need to change it now

Im taking all kinds of offers - not interested in putting my own name up in lights thanks lol

Nothing to do with Zephyrs really - I fix anything so lets hear em!


morrisman1, Dec 2, 7:35am
do we get a chocolate fish if our suggestion is chosen!

jaez1, Dec 2, 7:35am
How about Talfourd Auto Repairs after the name of the street!

stevo2, Dec 2, 7:39am
Bodgit and Scarper!
cheers stevo

zephyrheaven, Dec 2, 7:42am
ha ha, thats a corker stevo! guy here named his piston cranky lol

talfourd, nah - wont be there forever

its a big bottle of beam for the winner (the one with the handle, i dunno how many litre that is!)- when I said it, the local couriers (all pissheads) were on the horn all day with silly ideas

tigertim20, Dec 2, 7:44am
for those of us who dont have all the info, where (what city and suburb) is it, and what stuff will you be doing exactly, and will there be any specialties you will particularly focus on!

stevo2, Dec 2, 7:45am
Dont wait for any other silly answers, just send the Beam NOW.
Cheers Stevo

unclejake, Dec 2, 7:53am
According to the companies office Reliable Motors isn't currently taken (although there is a business with a similar name in Auckland)

zephyrheaven, Dec 2, 7:56am
Steve you booze hound, I should introduce you to some Hokonui Moonshine!

UJ - thats not bad, not great but not bad

A wise guy I know said I should name it after an animal - nobody forgets an animal name/ picture
Before the grease monkey thing happens - boooooring

clark20, Dec 2, 7:57am
I would take a local name, like the area or suburb, it automatically gives a bit of credibility if the name is already known and trusted.

zephyrheaven, Dec 2, 8:02am
I thought that too, then I think about Fitzgerald Auto - way out waterloo road - it just sounds wrong
Like the idea of Lancaster Mechanical (with the right warbird for logo'ing) as Im right next to it - speaking of which, the new AMI signage is going up - lord it looks butt uglier than the stadium itself

extrayda, Dec 2, 8:03am
Honest Automotive
Able Automotive
Mr Fixit Automotive (or just Fixit) - although Paul Henry types might turn that into thick $hit ;-)

Shorten Automotive to Autos, but then it might sound a bit like a car yard.

roger1050, Dec 2, 8:03am
'The busted knuckle' its a name that every one that has ever had any involvement with working on vehicles will relate to and they would rather it happen to you than them.

zephyrheaven, Dec 2, 8:05am
roger that roger, always remember the poor guys in the display at the Wigram Air Museum with bleeding knuckles - now thats attention to detail

maddrexx, Dec 2, 8:07am
how about The B52a world war two bomber

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