My Mazda Demio 2004 Engine light is on, what could

be causing this to come on!

driver_dkebab1, Jun 6, 9:27 pm

Checked oil and water, but will check everything tomarrow when motor has cooled down after use.

driver_dkebab1, Jun 6, 9:39 pm

oxygen sensor is dud.
a mazda Demio is more than likely been nana'd around and done loads of short trips.absolute killer for the O2 sensor.

driver_fordcrzy, Jun 6, 9:42 pm

Ok Ford, do I get this replaced! is it expensive!

driver_dkebab1, Jun 6, 9:43 pm

until you get a scan tool hooked up to it and the fault codes read out anything else is guesswork.End of story.

driver_franc123, Jun 6, 9:45 pm

Right well looks like a trip to the mechanics to see what is happening.

driver_dkebab1, Jun 6, 9:46 pm

best to go to an auto electrician, your engine light is on which is a fault in the efi system, an auto electrician is the best person to sort this for you not a mechanic

driver_bae13, Jun 6, 10:06 pm

Care to explain why!

driver_franc123, Jun 6, 10:22 pm

After checking, oil, water, etc, light has now turned off. Must have been one of those things, still might get it looked at.

driver_dkebab1, Jun 7, 3:17 pm

stereotypical. Mechanics can not diagnose engine management faults. Simply pass it on to a sparky and put their mark up on bill. Either that or the try to stuff around and fix it themselves replace unnessacery parts, then pass it on make the electricians
job harder then add their % to the bill.

driver_bigfatmat1, Jun 7, 3:24 pm

Knew that would get a bite, shame there is equal contrary evidence when sparkies replace parts when the problem is mechanical.LMAO.

driver_franc123, Jun 7, 4:48 pm

no doubt it works both ways and with most trades i.e the builder doing some plumbing. Its a just a stereotype though I know a few mechanics that would run rings round a sparky in certain areas and vice versa. I have also diagnosed alot of faults where the mechanic has overlooked the basics like seized engines broken belts, vacuumleaks, no water, no compression.

driver_bigfatmat1, Jun 7, 5:47 pm