Mazda Demio or Suzuki Swift

trading-angel, Sep 1, 2:28pm
Looking for fairly new 2016 to 2019 small, cute car. Which one would you choose and why? Thanks for sharing :)

peanuts37, Sep 1, 2:52pm
Honda Jazz. Lots of room, economical, cute, reliable, and 1.5 quite quick.

kazbanz, Sep 1, 3:47pm
Are those the only two choices?
Sorry if I sound awefull but it just happens that in both cases they happen to bridge two models/shapes.
With the Swift its fairly easy to tell -in the side on pictures OLD shape has two door handles you can see. New shape only seems to have handles on the front doors. 2017 was the change over year. This was a MAJOR change with basicly only the name being in common with the previous model
The Mazda Demio (called mazda 3 in nz) only had a couple of facelifts and feature improvements in the time you are asking. In the real world the Demio had its big change in 2014 for release 2015
But which one would I buy.
Without question the Mazda 2 /Demio.
I think its a nicer car to drive and its won many awards over the years.

tamarillo, Sep 1, 3:55pm
Both, pLus Honda, are good cars With good reputation. Try and choose one you like and be aware of what safety features ones you look at have. Different models and different sources ( NZ new or import) have different safety spec. Getting such a new car without lots of safety bags Would be waste imo.

aoc1, Sep 1, 5:51pm
Swift I have own a couple good reliable cars that are fairly cheap to run.

intrade, Sep 1, 6:26pm
the one with the least gadgets as cars are made to last 6 years. so the more of the crap it has the more can fail. its why we got a 2012 dacia sandeo brand new and last year before zombi apacolypse i got my dad a year 2000 funcargo aka Yaris verso . we needed to move stuff . THE DACIA WAS WRITTEN OFF 2 TIMES BY MY BROTHER . HENCE IT was gone. and a sandero you cant move stuff with.
best is brand new with as little as possible gadgets. and then service it 10.000km or once a year . make and model dont matter its all the same trash components. you just got to make sure you have less to fail.

gblack, Sep 1, 7:14pm
Also compare with Toyota Aqua & Yaris in the small cute 2016+ range. My wife likes that it comes in a wide range of colours and cabin is relatively spacious.

All these cars are economical of course, but the Aqua or Hybrid Yaris would have an edge when it comes to fuel usage & range on a tank.

Comes down to budget and how much driving will be done ; i3, Leaf etc are more expensive upfront but an EV might work for you

korban, Sep 2, 10:33pm
I would buy a VW Polo or Golf

gazzat22, Sep 4, 11:25am
We,ve had 4 demio,s in the family,still have 3 a 2007 2010 and a 2014.When the time comes to replace my wifes 2010 it will be with a later model 2/demio.Well made ,comfortable,economical and reliable.To my mind toyota have slipped in quality and are now too expensive compared with other makes particularly Mazda.Just my personal opinion.

kazbanz, Sep 4, 11:39am
Funny you should say that. I reckon Mazda take the best bits from Toyota and copy it.

s_nz, Sep 4, 12:56pm
If you are looking at new cars, the new shape Yaris starts at $26k driveway, Where the RRP for the mazda 2 (excl ORC) starts at $28.1k. Not sure how the much the Mazda is getting discounted at the moment.

Given that the current Mazda 2 dates back to 2014, and the Yaris is freshly released in this market and is more powerful, fuel efficient (especially the hybrid at just 3.3L/100km) etc, I think the Yaris is good value for the new car buyer.

Admittedly the Mazda does look nicer to me, and is substantially (120mm) longer, meaning you get more car for your money. Also base spec on the Mazda gets things like LED headlights, where the base yaris is running halogen bulbs.

kazbanz, Sep 4, 1:52pm
In my experience the Demio even with last generation technology is a MUCH nicer vehicle to drive than the Swift. Zero experience with the 3 cylinder yaris/Vitz but I see the improvements are really under the bonnet.
The Demio seems to have "sized up" into the Aurus/Corolla/ Axella /Tiida size bracket and as a result has lost that "choppy/harsh" small car feel.
This is based entirely on my bumometer reading.
So which do I feel would be nicer to live with long term. and the answer is the demio

framtech, Sep 4, 10:33pm
My shop hack is a old 1998 demio (120,000 k) and it goes and handles great for a shopping basket, I take it around to the rev limiter on a regular basis and it is getting better every week as I burn out 100,000 kilo's of carbon from the last granny owner, can't seem to fault it and it runs on the smell of a oily rag.
I won't go near a second hand Honda (super expensive), Toyota again expensive. Suzuki well the little mazda seems to eat them.
Don't go anywhere near a euro in these times of world recession.
Why not buy a new car, you get 300,000K of warranty with some brands and some good interest free deals with some as well and five star crash.

With the

s_nz, Sep 5, 12:33am
The demio is definitely a larger car with the swift & yaris. Wheelbase of the current model is within 30mm of that of my 2006 corolla.

BTW, My understanding is that toyota has dropped the Vitz name, and is using the Yaris model name in japan now for the latest XP210 car

Personally while the yaris has nice specs I don't find the looks to be ass good as the swift or Demio.

toenail, Nov 25, 9:46am
you should look at a corolla / auris hatch hybrid instead.more space but not much bigger.

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