Smart Car parts

dayzychain, Jan 4, 11:12pm
needed an ABS unit, but think we have found one, thanks. Good to know you have extra parts if i need anymore. Cheers

dayzychain, Dec 30, 5:13am
Anyone wrecking a smart car? Smart Fortwo. Cheers

tony9, Dec 30, 5:36am
I can certainly understand someone wanting to destroy one or more of those.

jmma, Dec 30, 5:39am
The way poppy drives, he might have wrecked his by now (o:

dayzychain, Dec 30, 6:53am
Thanks evotime

llortmt, Aug 8, 10:15pm
What do you want?
I've got a lot of engine parts, coil packs, starters, alternators, A/C pumps an exhaust couple of turbos.

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